February 26, 2024
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Tim Kaine is a Marijuana Pain: Hillary’s Prohibitionist VP Pick

Hillary Clinton’s disdain for marijuana law reform is apparent in her choice for Vice President, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. Just like Barack Obama’s marijuana-hating Joe Biden, she has chosen a cannabis prohibitionist for second in command. For many MarijuanaPolitics.com readers, a politician’s votes and actions on cannabis legislation, medical use […]

Freeing Up Florida: Three Important Cannabis Votes Coming Soon

In upcoming elections, Florida contests for US senator, US Representative, and a medical marijuana initiative will help decide the legal future of cannabis both statewide and nationwide. Senate Race He’s baaaack! “Little” Mario Rubio will be running for senate reelection after all. This prohibitionist Republican used his first Senate term […]

Cannabis Cartman Christie Attacks Reefer Madness Rubio

Chris Christie Cartman Cop

Florida Senator Marco Rubio had his momentum (or “Marcomentum,” if you will) blunted by New Jersey Chris Christie at the final Republican debate before the New Hampshire primary. Rubio had been seen as the “establishment” candidate with the most momentum following his strong third-place finish, just one point behind national frontrunner […]

If the Democrats Nominate Hillary Clinton, We Get President Marco Rubio

The latest results from respected pollster Quinnipiac University show that Senator , once down by 30 points nationally to Secretary , is now within just two points of the supposedly presumptive Democratic presidential nominee among voters who are Democrats or Democratic-leaning, and out-performs her against the three leading GOP candidates. […]

Cruz and Trump Preach States’ Rights, Rubio is the Reefer Madness Candidate

Cruz Trump Rubio

The Republican presidential primary looks to be boiled down to three real candidates following the Iowa caucus and one, Marco Rubio, should have cannabis law reformers and civil libertarians concerned. The Reefer Madness candidate was Chris Christie, who famously stated that marijuana users were diseased and needed curing with law […]

Donald Trump Believes Marijuana Legalization is a State Issue

Donald Trump Peace Sign

Candidates vying for the presidency diverged this week quite a bit, with Bernie Sanders on one end, supporting the descheduling of marijuana as a controlled substance, effectively ending federal cannabis prohibition and Republicans Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich and Ben Carson seemingly on the other end, wanting to […]

Rand Paul: Nominating Donald Trump Would be a Disaster


While cannabis law reform advocates and Drug War reformers on the progressive side of the political spectrum have largely flocked to support Bernie Sanders, many conservatives and libertarians have stood by the candidacy of Rand Paul. Senator Paul started off the race for the Republican nomination as one of the […]

Marijuana Legalization Now Favored in USA!

legalize it cannabis leaf sphere

Americans now favor marijuana legalization by a healthy margin, as proven in a new Gallup Poll. This realization is now influencing the 2016 Presidential election. Candidates supporting continued criminal prohibition of cannabis now face strong headwind of American public opinion. The Gallup pollsters concluded: Americans’ support for legalizing marijuana is […]

Joe Biden’s Cannabigotry and Drug War Damage

Joe Biden

Possible Democratic presidential nominee for 2016, Joe Biden, was the principal architect of America’s horribly failed war on drugs, especially marijuana. His drug warrior, anti-marijuana zealotry in devising ever harsher governmental punishments, including prison mandatory minimums, nearly guaranteed prosecutions, and asset forfeitures exceeded even the most authoritarian Republican fanatics, with […]

Carly Fiorina’s Marijuana Rhetoric is Dangerous

Carly Fiorina before the US Flag

Carly Fiorina made waves at the last Republican presidential debate when she delved into the marijuana policy debate by bringing up the relative danger between cannabis and beer as well as the tragic death of her step-daughter due to drug abuse. Fiorina, who many pundits feel won the 2nd GOP […]

Bernie Sanders, Ben Carson Lead in Latest Utah Poll

Democrat Donkey boxes Republican Elephant

Utah would seem to be fertile ground for GOP-outsider Ben Carson, a religious, soft-spoken neurosurgeon, but not democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, but both have surged ahead in the latest poll sanctioned by UtahPolicy.com. The poll, conducted by Dan Jones & Associates, found Carson leading national frontrunner Donald Trump 18% to […]

Clinton Takes Private Prisons’ Cash, Bernie Sanders’ Bill Will Eliminate Lucrative Contracts

private prison

As Marijuana Politics blogger Romain Bonilla recently posted, Hillary Clinton has strong financial ties to the private prison industry. These ties with the prison-industrial complex, mainly through common lobbyists, have been reported by a few blogs and rightfully make Drug War reformers suspicious of Clinton’s commitment to ending the use of […]

New GOP Poll is Good News for Donald Trump and Ben Carson

Donald Trump Ben Carson

Monmouth University released its first Republican poll following the first presidential candidate debates and the new GOP poll is good news for Donald Trump and other outsiders, bad for news for the establishment candidates. The conventional wisdom immediately following the first Republican debates seemed to be that Donald Trump would […]

Jeb Bush: Bad for Marijuana and Drug War Reform

Jeb Bush DonkeyHotey

Jeb Bush, the one-time presumed 2016 Republican presidential nominee, has seen better days. His establishment front-runner status was shattered over the summer by the meteoric rise of Donald Trump and, more recently, surging GOP insurgents Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. After spending the first half of this year raising more […]

Marijuana Poll: What it Means for Sanders, Clinton, Trump, Bush and the Rest of the 2016 Field

Democrat Donkey boxes Republican Elephant

Marijuana Majority recently released the group’s first poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, to question registered voters in Iowa and New Hampshire on whether the federal government should respect state marijuana laws. The poll found that strong majorities of Democrats, Republican and independents want Uncle Sam to stay out of states’ cannabis […]

Ted Cruz Evolves on Cannabis, Changes Position on Marijuana Legalization

Ted Cruz has proven to be a formidable challenger in the GOP primary, with the latest national polls putting him in the top tier of candidates. With the presidency in mind, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has “evolved” on cannabis and flipped his position on marijuana legalization, now supporting the right of […]

Carly Fiorina Dislikes Marijuana, but Would Allow States to Legalize It

By all accounts, Carly Fiorina impressed many voters and pundits in the first (undercard) debate and has increased her standing among her primary competitors. Since she has moved up in the polls, the cannabis community needs to examine her record on marijuana policy. While she certainly remains a longshot for […]

Debbie Does Malice: DNC Chairwoman is a Drug War Disaster

Democratic National Committee Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz discredits her party with her malevolent views and actions on cannabis.  The Florida congresswoman’s backwardness and obstruction on one of the 2016 election’s premier issues, cannabis prohibition, may cost the Democrats important votes. Many of us will not vote for the Democratic presidential […]