February 23, 2018

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Oregon Marijuana Business Conference Prices Increase at Midnight


The marijuana business in Oregon is going through rapid changes, including a December 1st deadline where all growers must declare whether they are producing products for the medical or recreational markets.

For growers wanting to be in compliance with ever-changing rules, Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) is your best resource for information. OMBC is the longest running cannabis B2B networking event in the state, with top notch exhibitors and select speakers specializing in all areas of cannabis business. The next event will be held Nov. 19 at Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites in the heart of Oregon’s cannabis country. Industry experts, cannabis law reform activists, and marijuana business attorneys will be on hand to present the latest information and answer your burning questions.

These days, no one can deny that the Oregon cannabis industry is booming, generating more than $85 million in tax revenue to the state and creating thousands of jobs. But the competition is fierce, forcing entrepreneurs and business owners to be creative with their branding strategies while producing top-notch products and services. Not only will the OMBC present you with important tools of the trade, but it will also provide you with excellent networking opportunities that can help you take your cannabis business to the next level.

While the OMBC is designed to help you survive and thrive in the legal cannabis market, advocating for social justice and sensible policies is always a top priority. Keeping people out of prison and providing safe access to patients remain of paramount importance to our community. State Senator Floyd Prozanski, a major champion of sensible cannabis and hemp regulations, will be on hand to present the latest legislative information and respond to your policy questions. This will be an important opportunity for advocates to continue the process of protecting and improving Oregon’s cannabis laws.

Early Bird Ticket prices end tonight at midnight – which means you have only a few hours left to save $100 on conference registration! VIP tickets will include an After Party at Brickroom with Hip Hop artists Hieroglyphics/Souls of Mischief, and a keynote speech by the iconic Henry Rollins. You know you want to be there, so get your tickets now!

Canadian Marijuana Market Likely to Be Bigger Than Previously Expected

Current State of Cannabis in Canada

New information last week from GMP Securities, an independent investment dealer based in Toronto, is leading analysts in Canada to suggest that the adult-use legalization market in the Great White North will be even greater than previously suggested. The new estimations also indicate that production will finally outpace consumption around 2020, leading to lower prices for the consumer.

Martin Landry, a research analyst from GMP Securities, gave his thoughts on the emerging market in a report to his clients, as reported by CanTechLetter.com:

“‘We are revising upward our market size estimate for the Canadian recreational cannabis market,’ the analyst says. ‘This revision stems from the probable addition of cannabis edibles and concentrates to the list of products legally available on July 1, 2018 and also from recent data emanating from the US which suggests our previous forecasts were too conservative. ‘We are also changing our assumption on the timing of implementation of legalization to July 1, 2018 vs our previous estimate of January 1, 2019.’

“Landry says he expects edibles could comprise a total of forty per cent of all cannabis cosumed in Canada, noting that this is the mix in Colorado since 2016. He says the HESA amendment to Bill C-45 that ensures the availability of edible and concentrated forms of cannabis was the other development that changed his estimate on edibles from 30 per cent of the total market to 40.

“Landry believes recreational market demand will reach 500 tons in 2021, 600 tons the following year and 700 tons in 2023. But the analyst believes a potential oversupply condition could emerge after 2020, due to several large industry capacity expansions and greater production efficiencies from LPS. Because of this, the analyst has dropped his estimate for the price of dried cannabis from $5.00 per gram to $4.00.”

I expect revisions for market estimates will continuously be revised between now and 2020, but I’m looking forward to that market drop. In the meantime, there’s still a lot of room for growth in the production and sales sectors in Canada, so be sure to pay attention!

Stay tuned in to the International Cannabis Business Conference for all your current and future cannabis industry questions! Our next event is on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii on December 1-3. Then we’ll be hitting San Francisco in February, Berlin in April, and finally back round to Vancouver, Canada on June 24-25, 2018. Get your tickets today, and we will plan to see you there!

Photo credit: abdallahh/Flickr (CC BY 2.0) | Remix by Jason Reed

This blog was previously published first by the International Cannabis Business Conference. It has been posted here with special permission.

Lagunitas Launches Beer With Cannabis Extracts


Cannabis and alcohol have an interesting relationship in American society. Both of the substances have been prohibited by the federal government, but alcohol was able to break free of that disastrous policy after a few year after prohibition helped lead to the rise of gangsters like Al Capone. Marijuana prohibition has lasted for decades, providing a major source of revenue for violent cartels. While alcohol was able to repeal federal prohibition with one amendment, cannabis law reformers have been forced to a state-by-state approach. Once federal cannabis prohibition is repealed, we will surely see THC-infused beer. Lagunitas, potentially getting the jump on the competition, has launched SuperCritcal, an IPA that contains cannabis extracts, but won’t get you high.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

Because SuperCritical is made with the terpenes that AbsoluteXtracts removes from cannabis plants, it doesn’t contain THC, so any pleasant buzz that drinkers might feel comes from the alcohol, not the cannabis. Karen Hamilton, Lagunitas’s director of communications, wrote in an email that the beer is tested in the brewery’s lab, and “lots of people have had the beer, at this point, and NO ONE has experienced any psychotropic effects (to the dismay of some!)”

The beer itself is a dank, odoriferous IPA, checking in at just 6.8 percent alcohol by volume, with grassy flavors, a decent amount of earthy hop bitterness and a noticeably sticky finish. It’s not much different from other IPAs designed to mimic weed’s characteristic flavors, though the taste is slightly greener.

Lagunitas is viewing SuperCritical as an experiment and produced only one batch of 60 barrels, or 120 kegs. Those went to bars across California, primarily in the San Francisco area, by late last week. (A full list is available on the Lagunitas website.) “There may be more SuperCritical coming in the future, and this time to other areas in the U.S.,” Hamilton said.

The cannabis industry is likely to follow the beer model, with some big companies, but also many “micro” companies as well. It is exciting to see a brewery like Lagunitas examining how cannabis can enhance its beers. As legalization spreads, we should see more such collaborations, and once we end cannabis prohibition at the federal level, the two popular substances, will go hand-in-hand for many, leading to THC-infused brews for adults to enjoy.

Keep informed of all that is happening across the United States and the globe when it comes to cannabis! Join experts and business leaders from around the world converging for the International Cannabis Business Conference, December 1-3, 2017 on the tropical paradise of Kauai, Hawaii. Get tickets now!

Jeff Sessions Currently Silent on New Marijuana Policy

Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety has issued its recommendations to Donald Trump’s beleaguered attorney general, but still no word on any change in cannabis policy. Attorney General Sessions, who apparently isn’t even on speaking terms with the president at the moment, fueling speculation of his departure, released a statement on July 26th, one day before the task force’s recommendation deadline. From the Department of Justice:

Statement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Recommendations From the Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety

Attorney General Jeff Sessions today issued the following statement on the work of the Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety:

“Every American, no matter who they are or where they live, has the right to be safe in their homes and neighborhoods. And yet, in many locations, the violent crime rate is rising, and in some of our urban areas, the increase is staggering. Reducing this crime surge is a top priority for President Trump and the Department of Justice. Consistent with the President’s Executive Order on a Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety, I created the Task Force in February and it has provided me with recommendations on a rolling basis. Dedicated professionals from throughout the Department have been listening to our partners in state, local, and tribal law enforcement; identifying successful violent crime reduction strategies; and developing recommendations on actions the Department can take to help improve public safety.

“I have been acting on the Task Force’s recommendations to set the policy of the Department. I will continue to review all of the Task Force’s recommendations, and look forward to taking additional steps towards ensuring safer communities for all Americans.”

While it is a good sign that the Justice Department didn’t immediately announce a crackdown in states that have legalized marijuana, the cannabis industry must remain vigilant. It is a tremendous sign that the Senate seems prepared to pass an amendment protecting state-legal medical cannabis providers, the recreational markets still need protection as well. Supporters of legalization must continue to make their voices heard, we can’t count on Donald Trump to adhere to his campaign promise to respect state cannabis laws nor can we trust that Jeff Sessions is too embroiled in turmoil to leave us alone. Contact your legislators and stay informed. Our long-term prospects look great, of course, but they are even better if we can remain united, flex our political muscle, and push back against even the slightest hint of any short-term setback due to the Trump Justice Department.

One way to keep informed, get involved in efforts to protect the industry and network with like-minded freedom fighters and entrepreneurs from across the country (and around the world) is to attend the International Cannabis Business Conference. The next ICBC is in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii, and it will have you prepared for anything that Jeff Sessions throws at you. 

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Extraction Technology Huge for the Future of Cannabis


The number of cannabis extraction and concentrates seem to be expanding rapidly these days. Even old-school ganja smokers and new-school cannabis connoisseurs can be perplexed by the variety of products available. Butane hash oil, CO2 oil, full extract cannabis oil, Rick Simpson oil, shatter, wax, crumble, rosin and live resin, are just some of the examples that have joined cannabis flower, edibles and hashish on the shelves at dispensaries and retail outlets. A new extract or cannabis

While wrapping your head around the number of extraction and concentrates can be confusing, what isn’t confusing, is understanding that the extraction market is booming and will likely continue to boom. From Marijuana Business Daily:

Demand for cannabis concentrates and edibles is exploding in Colorado, offering a window into trends that will likely play out in the larger marijuana industry over time.

Retail sales of concentrates in the state’s medical and recreational markets surged 125% in the first quarter of this year from the same period in 2015, according to BDS Analytics, which provides cannabis industry data based on point-of-sale information it gathers from retailers.


In the first quarter of 2016, concentrates and edibles accounted for about a third of overall marijuana sales, up from just 24% a year earlier. Growth in concentrates sales accounted for most of that increase.

The demand for extracts and concentrates won’t also continue to grow in the United States, especially when California implements legalized sales to all adults, but also worldwide. Additionally, it is extremely imperative that extractors legally follow safety regulations, as some solvents, particularly butane hash oil, can be very dangerous, if not extracted properly. From the International Cannabis Business Conference’s upcoming “Extraction Technology” panel at the upcoming ICBC in Kauai, Hawaii:

Extractions are becoming a massive share of the market in the U.S. Currently, Germany’s medical cannabis patients only have access to flowers. Under the new German laws, extractions will be allowed to be sold in pharmacies. We will go over the most cutting edge, clean and efficient extraction methods and their alternate benefits and discuss how extractions will be implemented in the Hawaiian market.

There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs in the burgeoning cannabis industry, with extracts potentially being as lucrative as any segment of the market. You can learn more about this extraction industry, as well as the entire industry, and network with other like-minded folks and experts at the upcoming ICBC in early December.

 Featured photo credit: Andy Lee/StockPot Photos. All Rights Reserved. 

However Trump Shakes Out on Cannabis, ICBC Will Have You Prepared

Cannabis Plant ICBC Logo

The United States system of democracy has faced few administrations as tumultuous as the first few months of rule under our 45th president, Donald Trump. Combine the chaotic nature of the cannabis industry with the chaotic nature of Congress, and a world of unknowns emerge. But as luck would have it, marijuana is more popular than pretty much any political figure in the country. While politicians are still moving at a snail’s pace to end federal prohibition, there is great hope for progress on a political issue that is approaching a watershed moment.

This week, a number of amendments to appropriations bills will be discussed on Capitol Hill which relate directly to federal marijuana enforcement. Those amendments include protections for veterans using medical cannabis, supporting states’ rights to proceed with legal systems of cannabis production, and creating a provision to protect water rights for cannabis and hemp growers who are in compliance with state law.

While activists have seen much movement forward in the past few years, there is no guarantee that things will continue in the same direction.

From Tom Angell at Massroots:

“Whereas spending bills have in years past been brought to the floor under rules that allow votes on almost any germane amendment, House Republicans last year began locking down the process after controversy surrounding riders concerning gun policy and the right of transgender people to access public bathrooms threatened the passage of some bills….

“As MassRoots first reported last month, Sessions recently asked Congressional leadership to delete the appropriations rider protecting local medical marijuana laws. If the Senate committee votes to renew the provision, especially if via a strong bipartisan vote similar to last year’s, it will be considered a strong rebuke to the attorney general.

“President Trump, when signing a spending bill earlier this year included a statement essentially reserving the right to ignore the medical marijuana provision.”

While the future is unknown, the cannabis industry is here to stay. Getting good information on cannabis laws can be daunting In today’s world of rapidly changing political headlines. There’s no place to be better informed on how to stay ahead of the game than The International Cannabis Business Conference. This December 1st-4th, 2017, in Kauai, Hawaii, expert panelists will speak to the most current in cannabis developments, including The Legal Landscape and Recreational Sales Under the Trump Administration. Get your tickets today!

Featured Photo: © StockPot Images / DeLima, All Rights Reserved

Get Your NY Weed Certification Online Through NuggMD

Weed Certification in New York

Getting a New York Cannabis Certification Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

If you think getting your New York State medical marijuana card in order to obtain legal cannabis products is a hassle, think again.

Thanks to very recent changes in the state’s eligibility requirements, and NuggMD’s expansion into the Empire State, New Yorkers in need of medical marijuana now have it easy.

NuggMD is the nation’s leading and most trusted online source for medical marijuana certifications, finding 420-friendly physicians, and locating legal cannabis dispensaries.

They have helped over 60,000 MMJ patients in other states already, and have the experience and proprietary software to help you manage your medical marijuana regimen online, from a virtual doctor’s examination and evaluation via your smart phone or computer, to obtaining and renewing your medical marijuana card, as well as giving you access to the highest quality cannabis products and dispensaries in the state.

Think of NuggMD as your one-stop shop for medical marijuana access.

How to Complete Your NY Cannabis Credentials Online

First, you’ll need proof of residency, i.e. a current New York State driver’s license or a U.S. passport lilsting a New York address. Sorry, your old Blockbuster membership card from White Plains won’t suffice.

Next, you’ll need a valid reason for seeking cannabis treatment, which can only be an ailment from this short list: AIDS/HIV Positive Status, Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Chronic Pain, Epilepsy, Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis, Spasticity, Huntington’s Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Unfortunately, minor ailments like insomnia and generalized anxiety are not qualifying conditions like they are in other medical marijuana states, but New York State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker announced just a few months ago that “chronic pain” has been added to the list, and other ailments are being considered. Commissioner Zucker is a great ally in the fight for easy access to medical marijuana, and we look forward to progressive changes in the state program.

Finally, you’ll need to join the Nugg Network in order to get the most out of the New York State Medical Marijuana Program – and pay the least! Log in, fill out a few basic medical questions, and have a quick but thorough medical evaluation via video conference with a licensed New York medical marijuana doctor that lasts five to ten minutes, or however long you need to get your medical marijuana questions answered and your case evaluated. (If you don’t qualify for the MMJ program, you pay nothing.) Nugg can’t guarantee you’ll pass the eligibility requirements, but they do everything in their power to make it happen. Don’t go it alone!

Why Choose Online?

When finding marijuana-friendly doctors, medical evaluations, dispensaries, and cannabis information online is this easy (seriously, I remember when I had to search online for “cannabis evaluations near me” and locate an in-person doctor), there’s no need to hustle and bustle the old-fashioned way.

Why try to find one of the few certified marijuana doctors in the state, make your way to their office, and stew in a large waiting room with a bunch of strangers? The California experiment has proved that online 420 evaluations are easier, cheaper and more secure than traditional doctor visits.

Once you’re approved for a state medical card online, you pay only $199 for certification, the lowest price you’ll find anywhere in the state. Your card is valid for 12 months, after which NuggMD will help you renew every year for just $99 – about 25 cents a day for the privilege of access to legal cannabis products!

Don’t Delay – Sign Up Today!

As of June 6th 2017, there were just 21,009 patients registered with the New York State Medical Marijuana Program, and 1,043 registered doctors. That is, of course, an abysmally small number when contrasted with the state’s 20 million residents and 90,000+ licensed physicians.

But it shows that more and more doctors are joining the medical marijuana movement in New York, and registering as a patient is about to get a whole lot easier because NuggMD has opened shop in the Empire State.

If you’ve never heard of NuggMD, the country’s premiere site for getting your Medical Marijuana credentials online, and for finding 420-friendly doctors and legal dispensaries, you will soon. After helping more than 60,000 people get their medical marijuana certification online, NuggMD services are now available to residents of New York State to make the NYS medical marijuana program easy to join and easy to use. Soon they’ll even introduce their online cannabis delivery marketplace in NY!

So head on over to the NuggMD website, time’s a-wasting. Find out how NuggMD has achieved its status as America’s preferred choice for quick and easy online medical marijuana information and registration. With these guys, the doctor is definitely in!


Additional Resources:

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Cannabis Branding Under Federal Prohibition

ICBC Kauai Exhibitors

There’s a lot to think about entering into any new business enterprise. Factor cannabis into the mix, and your entrepreneurial load multiples three-fold. Every angle of bringing a new product to market requires intense scrutiny to ensure that product is competitive in its space.

Creating the right brand for your cannabusiness is crucial to that process. In a market brimming with start-ups and changing technology, many of the highest quality companies will still fail to thrive without a recognizable name and logo.

Oliver Herzfeld and Jared Mermelstein of Forbes point out that strong and early cannabis branding includes creating recognition, loyalty, awareness, credibility, and quality and value of your brand. While the reasoning is sound for why one should create a brand, the how is much trickier. The greatest current obstacle to creating a successful cannabis brand is, of course, federal prohibition. Until politicians catch up at the national level, business owners have a limited ability to legally protect their intellectual property.

So what can be done in the meantime?

First, do your best to secure naming rights but make sure you are not infringing on intellectual property that already exists or can cause confusion. The CannaLaw Group suggests there are three ways to best secure your brand while still operating in a pre-legal country:

1. By using the mark in connection with their goods or services (legally) in commerce;
2. By registering the mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO); and
3. By registering the mark with an appropriate state trademark registry.

Second, entrepreneurs must remember that business cannot be separated from politics. Engage in local, state and federal advocacy efforts. Join organizations such as the National Cannabis Industry Association, working to end federal prohibition and advance cannabis business interests on Capitol Hill.

Finally, educate yourself with the most current developments in this rapidly-changing industry. Come be part of the International Cannabis Business Conference this December 1st-3rd in Kauai, Hawaii! Get your tickets now to hear the always-stellar list of experts covering cannabis branding and intellectual property, along with numerous other timely topics for the ganjapreneur.

Last Day to Get Tickets for Tomorrow’s Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC)!

OMBC AD Vendor

The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC), the state’s biggest and best B2B conference is happening TOMORROW, APRIL 27th! There are just a few tickets left!

Join a stellar list of highly qualified and proficient speakers covering the most current and important topics in cannabis!

You won’t want to miss these expert panelists:

Henry Rollins, Cultural Icon and Keynote Speaker
Senator Floyd Propanski (D-Eugene)
Brian Michaels, Attorney
Amanda Borup, OLCC Policy Analyst
Drake Sutton-Shearer, Co-founder of PR0HBTD Media
Kohl Haver, Attorney
Kristie Cromwell, Attorney
Random Vaughn, Owner of Dank’s Wonder Emporium
Danica Hibpshman, Director of Statewide Licensing and Compliance for OLCC
Rachel Kurtz, Business Development Manager of National Cannabis Industry Association
Eric Wendt, Chief Science Officer of Green Leaf Lab
Leland R. Berger, Activist and Attorney
Chelsea Hopkins, Co-founder of The Greener Side
Brent Kenyon, Owner of Grateful Meds and Kenyon Consulting
Anthony Johnson, Director of New Approach Oregon
Justin Botillier, Enrolled Agent and Owner of Rogue Tax Professionals
Alex Rogers, Founder of the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference and the International Cannabis Business Conference
Anne van Leynseele, Attorney and Founder of 7 Point Law
Karen Sprague, President/Owner of Karen Sprague Essentials

Timely topics will be covered at this year’s MUST-ATTEND OMBC:
Keynote with Henry Rollins
OLCC Regulations
Staying Medical
Taxes and Cannabis
Oregon Testing Update
Intellectual Property
Special Presentation by Senator Floyd Propanski

It’s all happening TOMORROW, so don’t waste another second! Come to the OMBC in Eugene and be part of Oregon’s cannabis future!

You Still Have Time to Party with Henry Rollins Tonight at the OMBC!

Oregonians, it’s your last chance to party with Henry Rollins!

Tonight in Eugene, at the Valley River Inn, the kick-off party begins WITH HENRY ROLLINS for the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC)! You can’t wait any longer to get your tickets!

Join Henry tonight for a special VIP appearance, and then on Friday, see Henry speak along with Oregon’s most informed policy analysts, scientists, and business leaders of the cannabis world. This weekend, the best of Oregon cannabis minds are meeting. It’s a must-attend event!

The OMBC will cover OLCC recreational regulations, medical laws, distribution models, technology and branding, taxes, and testing regulations. State Senator Floyd Prozanski will discuss legislative developments and take part in a Q & A with attendees. OLCC regulators will also be presenting and answering questions from the audience. Henry Rollins will be delivering the keynote address, bringing his unique socially conscience message to Eugene. While all of the latest pertinent information will be covered, nothing will be timelier than the testing panel, as the state is taking public comment on new proposed rules until April 30th.

If you want to stay at the front of the market, you will come to OMBC tonight and tomorrow. And we will see you in Eugene!

Tick Tock, Tick Tock – Prices Go up at Midnight for the OMBC!

The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) is bringing back its trademark blend of business, activism and culture to Eugene for another information-filled conference on April 28th at the River Valley Inn. Today is your LAST CHANCE TO GET DISCOUNT TICKETS – prices go up $100 at midnight!

This will mark the third OMBC in Eugene, a great central location for the state’s burgeoning cannabis industry. The state’s top cannabis business event will actually kick off on Thursday, the evening of the 27th, with a special VIP party that will include cultural icon Henry Rollins, as well as many other prominent speakers. Rollins will be available for interviews Thursday afternoon and evening.

Tickets are expected to sell out, so don’t wait any longer. Come join fellow entrepreneurs and activists, and be part of Oregon’s hottest cannabis event! Get your tickets before midnight tonight, Wednesday April 26th! See you in Eugene!

Oregon Needs to Put the Recreation in Recreational Cannabis, the OMBC to Cover the Latest

Grape Crush Marijuana

The summer season will soon be upon us, and in Oregon, that means its time to finally crawl out of our wintery hovels and get outdoors! When the temperatures rise, the clouds finally part, and the sun comes peeking out over the mountains, we remember why we live here. As Oregon cannabis industry participants converge upon beautiful Eugene for the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC), there will be plenty of established and prospective businesses represented, but something is missing from the Oregon cannabis scene (as well as other legalized states), something that can be rectified by mixing good business acumen with activism. While there are many ways to procure cannabis in legalized states, social recreational options are unfortunately missing.

Basically what I mean is this: people who like cannabis also often like nature, and vice versa. And people like to be social with cannabis, too. So an obvious thing that seems to be missing in the industry in states like Colorado, Oregon and California is the ability to consume cannabis in social settings. In our hasten to legalize and sometimes over-regulate the new industry to appease politicians and conservative voters, the truth is we have taken away the recreational part of cannabis consumption.

But oh so slowly, social consumption is gaining traction in newly legal states. Just recently, Denver voters passed a policy meant to soften norms that have been adopted in Colorado’s adult-use legal status. Basically, public consumption of cannabis has been illegal since the passage of Amendment 64 in 2012. Following a vote this past November, Denver residents supporting allowing businesses permits to allow for onsite cannabis consumption.

In Oregon, the pendulum is starting to swing back in the favor of consumer preference – just in time for the season to start!

Oregon means serious business when it comes to setting the bar as a travel destination, and proprietors are already giving a leg up! From cannabis bike tours to 420-friendly campgrounds, Oregon entrepreneurs are working on ways to put the “recreation” in recreational cannabis. Oregonians need to contact their legislators and urge the passage of Senate Bill 307, a bill that will allow for social consumption permits, but whether the bill passes this session or not, Oregon cannabis industry participants are certainly poised to find ways to bring together cannabis, tourism and fun activities.

Whether you or a grower, retailer processor or involved with an ancillary businesses, the Oregon marijuana industry has a plethora of opportunities available. Since knowledge, networking and activism all go hand-in-hand in the cannabis industry, entrepreneurs would be wise to attend the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference in Eugene on April 28th to learn the latest and make connections with others in the business. The OMBC festivities actually start on the evening of the 27th, with a VIP reception that will include conference speakers, vendors and attendees and keynoter Henry Rollins. If you are in the Oregon cannabis industry, or thinking of joining, the OMBC is the marijuana event for you.



Party with Henry Rollins This Week at the OMBC in Eugene, Oregon!

Rollins OMBC

The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) on April 28th is shaping up to be a great conference that will give you the latest information you need about cannabis laws and regulations in the Beaver State. In addition, to the conference agenda, the parties on Thursday (April 27th) and Friday night, are going to be OFF THE HOOK!!!

In advance of Oregon’s biggest and best cannabis B2B event, the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) is hosting a special VIP reception and networking event with music and comedy icon, the legendary HENRY ROLLINS!! Join the topmost-tier of Oregon cannabis industry professionals on Thursday, April 27th, from 6-8 pm for your chance to be part of an intimate group to meet and party with the one and only Henry Rollins!

Then, on Friday, April 28th, the OMBC commences for a day-long program of established cannabis experts with the most current knowledge of Oregon’s medical and adult-use cannabis trends and changing regulations, including cannabis testing, tech and branding, taxes and more! OMBC attendees will hear from licensed professionals, OLCC regulators, have the opportunity to ask questions of cannabis business attorneys and State Senator Floyd Prozanski, and network with others in the industry.

After the conference, ATTENDEES ONLY of the OMBC will be welcome to join the After-Party with Marv Ellis at Whirled Pies, sponsored by Prohbtd Media, where the high times continue and conference goers will rage (or just unwind, whatever suits your style)!

Ticket prices will go up on April 26th, so get your VIP passes to join Oregon’s hottest upcoming soiree with Henry Rollins today! If you are in the Oregon cannabis industry, or thinking of joining, the OMBC is the marijuana event for you.

We’ll see you in Eugene!

Party with Henry Rollins Next Week in Eugene!

Rollins OMBC

The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) on April 28th is shaping up to be a great conference that will give you the latest information you need about cannabis laws and regulations in the Beaver State. In addition, to the conference agenda, the parties on Thursday (April 27th) and Friday night, are going to be OFF THE HOOK!!!

In advance of Oregon’s biggest and best cannabis B2B event, the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) is hosting a special VIP reception and networking event with music and comedy icon, the legendary HENRY ROLLINS!! Join the topmost-tier of Oregon cannabis industry professionals on Thursday, April 27th, from 6-8 pm for your chance to be part of an intimate group to meet and party with the one and only Henry Rollins!

Then, on Friday, April 28th, the OMBC commences for a day-long program of established cannabis experts with the most current knowledge of Oregon’s medical and adult-use cannabis trends and changing regulations, including cannabis testing, tech and branding, taxes and more! OMBC attendees will hear from licensed professionals, OLCC regulators, have the opportunity to ask questions of cannabis business attorneys and State Senator Floyd Prozanski, and network with others in the industry.

After the conference, ATTENDEES ONLY of the OMBC will be welcome to join the After-Party with Marv Ellis at Whirled Pies, sponsored by Prohbtd Media, where the high times continue and conference goers will rage (or just unwind, whatever suits your style)!

Ticket prices will go up on April 26th, so get your VIP passes to join Oregon’s hottest upcoming soiree with Henry Rollins today! If you are in the Oregon cannabis industry, or thinking of joining, the OMBC is the marijuana event for you.

We’ll see you in Eugene!

Medical Marijuana on 420

Medical Marijuana TheSource Andrew Jolley - Jeff-Ragazzo

The importance of keeping Medical Marijuana a vibrant industry is on many minds this 420.

Coming out of the military, I was put on roughly 12 pharmaceutical medications: from Depakote to Seroquel, Buspar, Zoloft, OxyContin, Percocet…and that’s just to name a few. That story is similar to a lot of veterans, and even just people in the civilian world struggling with mental health.

Arizona-based army veteran and founder of “Help Me PTSD,” Chris Lengyel, does not shy away from discussing the positive impact that medical marijuana has had in helping him cope with post-traumatic stress disorder and others personal ailments.
As far as my use of medical marijuana, it got me off of 12-15 pharmaceutical drugs. I have not taken a pill for any one of my chronic pains or PTSD-related problems in over four and a half years.

Lengyel is one of nearly 2.6 million Americans treating conditions including cancer, depression, PTSD, seizures, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma and more with a valid medical marijuana card, according to a state-by-state analysis in 2016. With the addition of legalized medical marijuana programs in four states (Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota) after the November 2016 election, the United States now boasts 28 states with majority voter-approved medical marijuana programs, a shift which many believe to be a strong indication of the country’s favorably-evolving attitude toward cannabis use. As medical marijuana programs expand throughout the country and recreational legalization begins to dominate national conversation, industry leaders continue to stress the critical need for robust medical marijuana options.

With eight states now ushering in or administering recreational programs, including California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts, each of which passed recreational legalization legislation in 2016, education is key. Leaders in the medical marijuana industry have redoubled efforts to educate legislators and the public about the importance of medical marijuana programs, specifically increasing the ease of access to medical cards and reducing the cost to procure said cards.

While cannabis advocates are encouraged by the growth of the industry, they have underlying concerns that due to existing barriers to entry in the medical program, patients who might otherwise pursue medical card approval may opt out of the medical program in favor of recreational products.

The+Source Medical MarijuanaUnfortunately, an exodus of medical marijuana patients from the program could result in a reduction in medically-focused products available to them at their local dispensaries.  For example, The+Source Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Las Vegas sells a variety of medically-focused products, including suppositories and CBD-based products such as balms, lotions and transdermal patches. These types of products are not generally purchased by recreational users because of their consumption method or lack of THC, the chemical responsible for euphoric feelings commonly sought by recreational users.

With recreational sales set to launch in the near future, medical dispensaries like The+Source are concerned that absent a vibrant medical program, they may not sell enough medically-focused products to warrant continuing to carry them in store, potentially creating challenges for patients who rely on their unique functions. “For people who need cannabis for medical reasons, there’s a proper way of using it,” said Lengyel. “Just as you would use a medicine over the counter from CVS or Walgreens, there are proper dosing sizes and different types [of marijuana] for different ailments. If we’re discussing it as a medication, then it needs to be treated as such – people need to have the proper education and use the right products for their specific problem.

Beyond the availability of medically-focused products, recreational facilities and their customers will inevitably incur higher state tax rates than their medical program counterparts. President of the Nevada Dispensary Association and owner of The+Source, Andrew Jolley, explained that Nevada’s lawmakers are considering a 15 percent excise tax on cultivation facilities as well as a 2 percent sales tax. Both taxes are in addition to the 15 percent wholesale tax that will be assessed on all recreational flower before it ever hits the shelf.  Jolley argues that potential medical patients would receive better and more cost-effective care if they opted for medical cannabis, as opposed to recreational alternatives.

State governments often provide tax exemptions for prescription medications,” Jolley said. “When it comes to medical marijuana, the case is no different. Each patient relies on medical marijuana to improve their quality of life. As an outspoken proponent who has experienced its benefits in my own life, I want to make sure that people in need are choosing to apply for cards because it could ultimately change their lives.

Considering the incentives associated with medical marijuana, it begs the question, why would potential patients opt for recreational marijuana at all?

One simple answer: ease of access.

Once recreational sales begin, it will be considerably simpler to buy recreational cannabis than to first obtain a medical card, which is why Jolley is advocating a more efficient and simple process for medical card procurement in Nevada. He and other advocates believe that medical marijuana access should be granted in the state per a recommendation from a doctor, as opposed to the traditional card application program, which can take weeks to process. Additionally, his dispensary, The+Source, has teamed up with local business, Sun Valley Certification Clinic, to expedite the process in Las Vegas and educate potential patients.

Ultimately, advocates, lawmakers and civilians alike play central roles in helping create a healthy medical marijuana program that is cost-effective and easy to navigate. As medical marijuana becomes a mainstay through the United States, individuals must educate themselves about individual state regulations to determine if they may be eligible for a medical marijuana card. Similarly, lawmakers and advocates shoulder a unique responsibility of making citizens aware of the ways they could potentially benefit from medical marijuana.