September 25, 2017

House Rules Chairman Commits an Immoral Act

Pete Sessions, chair of the hugely powerful Rules Committee of the US House of Representatives, committed a highly immoral act. This Congressman, along with others in the committee, blocked several pro-cannabis amendments from full House votes, killing them. For years, medical marijuana users and their industry have been protected from […]

Eleven Evil Ways To Crush Legal Cannabis

The conservative Heritage Foundation has developed a dangerous document to help destroy state legalized cannabis. The powerful Heritage Foundation has had substantial influence upon Republicans since it helped chaperon Ronald Reagan and is providing major guidance to the Donald Trump administration.  The foundation, abbreviated Heritage, is supposedly conservative, but without […]

Jimi Hendrix

5 Ways Weed Can Help You Relax

5 ways weed can help you chill For those of us with progressive ideals and radical leanings, life under president Trump is proving to be a demonic, frothy and endless stream of stress inducing policies, tweets, and disappointments. It is a time of protests, organizing, and general grassroots badassery. Fortunately, […]