March 30, 2017
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Medical Marijuana Is More Important Than Ever

With the Trump Administration’s embrace of medical marijuana, our federal government has actually made a very important step forward in its acceptance of cannabis as medicine and states’ rights to implement their own medical programs. Unfortunately, Uncle Sam isn’t as hip to recreational marijuana, making medical marijuana more important than […]

The End of The Beginning: Trump Persecution of Non-Medical Marijuana Coming Soon

The presidential administration has thrown down the gauntlet. Trump’s extraordinarily marijuana-hating cabinet, especially drug war fossil Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is champing at the bit to persecute marijuana. The recent state legalizations of adult use (aka recreational) may end, and may even be dismantled. In response, new, fortified, strengthened, and […]

Drug War Disciple at DHS

Yet another Trump cabinet position has been filled with an anti-marijuana drug war zealot. The Department of Homeland Security is now headed by 45 year Marine Corp vet, Gen. John Kelly. From the DHS announcement: Kelly now leads the third largest federal department in the United States that includes the […]

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The Danger of Synthetic Marijuana

What Is Synthetic Marijuana? Synthetic marijuana has carried various warnings from health officials since it began to surface as a cheap alternative to organic marijuana.  This substance however is little more than a cheap chemical spray that has an unknown strength.  It can bring about some negative and sever side […]