Month: March 2016

Democrats Could Dump Debbie This Primary!

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz could be dumped in the August 30 primary! Schultz’s failings as a Democratic congressperson are huge. Supposedly a progressive, she instead opposes medical marijuana and joins corporate Republicans to support the predatory payday loan industry. Her neo-con, prohibitionist, and money grubbing politics belie her “progressive” […]

Bernie Sanders Birdiecrats

Bernie Sanders Path to Victory

A Little Birdie Told Me The Bernie Sanders Path to the Nomination With another set of wins in the western states of Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii, Senator Bernie Sanders has chipped away at Secretary Hillary Clinton’s delegate lead for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. However, the math in the remaining states makes […]

Richard Nixon’s Racist Drug War

Richard Nixon’s Racist Drug War (Or: What Took Y’all So Long?) The internet was ablaze this week with the bombshell that Richard Nixon’s Racist Drug War was launched for racist and political purposes. Dan Baum wrote an amazing cover story for Harper’s Magazine entitled “Legalize It All“. It leads with […]

Oregon marijuana

Oregon Health Authority Improves Cannabis Extracts Policy After Urging from Legislators

The Oregon Health Authority’s interpretation of recent legal changes rocked the Oregon cannabis industry and community, halting the legal production and sale of cannabis extracts. Processing companies were starting to boom in Oregon, employing people, increasing revenue generated by dispensaries and helping patients that have relied upon their medicine. Representative […]

Reefer Madness

Colorado’s Second-Largest Newspaper Delusional, Totally Wrong on Pot

With a new editorial entitled “City should embrace more strict pot rules,” Colorado’s biggest and most influential marijuana scaremongering mouthpiece is at it again. The Colorado Springs Gazette, the state’s second-most-circulated newspaper, is the little prohibitionist that could, constantly ranting at its daily subscriber base of 65,000 about the dangers of […]