Month: April 2015

US Attorney Amanda Marshall Resigns

While most marijuana law reform advocates have an antagonistic relationship with their US Attorney, Oregon’s cannabis community has been fortunate to have Amanda Marshall at the helm since October 7, 2011. Marshall succeeded Dwight Holton, who was not supported by the cannabis community, to say the least, as his anti-marijuana […]

Marijuana Mount Rushmore

Oftentimes, I like to reflect upon how and why the cannabis community has made such great strides in recent years. Authors, chief petitioners, spokespeople, funders and advocates associated with prominent reforms capture the headlines and media attention, but the truth is that we all stand upon the shoulders of giants […]

Michele Leonhart Sacked As DEA Head!

Michele Leonhart, fanatical, rogue DEA administrator, is forced out by sex scandal. Oh, happy day! Supposedly resigning, hopefully we will find that she was sacked as Drug Enforcement Agency head by the president who should have never appointed her. We will report further as more details of her “resignation” become […]