June 23, 2024

Elaina Garcia, Author at MARIJUANA POLITICS

Elaina Garcia is a traveling writer. She lives as close to organic as possible and she supports the Marijuana Movement in many aspects.

Medical Marijuana & It’s Effects On Neurological Disorders

People suffering from different neurological issues may have a new found hope in states where the use of Medicinal or Recreational Marijuana is available.

In 2014 the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) released the results of several studies performed using 4 different variations of medical marijuana. These variations consisted of:

  1. Oral Cannabis Extract or OCE – The OCE pills were either made of pure Cannabidiol (CBD) or a combination of CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
  2. Synthetic THC – What is known as the THC pill, a pill made with pure THC.
  3. Nabiximols (Sativex) – An oral spray made with either CBD or both CBD and THC extracts combined.
  4. Marijuana Cigarettes – Standard strength medical marijuana made for smoking like a cigarette.

Neurological Disorders Studied

  • Some symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

  • Tics in Tourette Syndrome

  • Parkinson Disease – Brought on as a drug-induced side effect.

  • Motor symptoms in Huntington Disease

  • Cervical Dystonia or Abnormal Neck Movements

  • Seizures in epilepsy

Out of all of the tests ran back in early 2013&2014 the only really strong evidence provided was the fact that the OCE pill reduced MS patients symptoms and it lessens the central nerve pain as well. Conclusive evidence also shows that there were moderate results pertaining to the positive effect of OCE reducing spasticity symptoms, it lessens cramp-like pain and lessens muscle spasms. The oral spray Nabiximol helps lessen how often you have to use the bathroom due to an uncontrollable bladder. There was not enough evidence to support the use of medical marijuana for any of the other conditions or diseases.

With that being said further studies brought about evidence that there is help and hope for people who suffer from seizures and epilepsy. There was an open label study performed in the United States on a medicine derived from CBD Oil (Cannabidiol). The medicine is called Epidiolex and is produced by a pharmaceutical company called GW Pharmaceuticals. Epidiolex is a medication that is 99% CBD Oil based. These studies show that almost half of the people who were trying the medication were experiencing positive results with few to no side effects.

If this wasn’t proof enough there is a strain of medical marijuana called Charlotte’s Web. A little girl by the name of Charlotte began having up to 300 Grand Mal Seizures on a weekly basis, she was suffering from what is known as Dravet Syndrome. Dravet syndrome is a rare genetic epileptic encephalopathy or (dysfunction of the brain). Little Charlotte was 5 when her family found out there was nothing more the hospitals and doctors could do to help, so they turned to medical marijuana. It turns out that it was the best thing they could have done.

There is continuous testing going on when it comes to using medical marijuana for different neurological disorders and issues. The world of science and medicine have both come a long way it seems as if almost regularly there are more positive results popping up in many areas of health and the massive amounts of possibility it could bring to the world of healing.

The debates constantly going on as to whether to legalize the use of medicinal marijuana have been in existence since the plant was made illegal. It is now 2016 and there is an abundance of scientifically studied facts out there available. Hearing the constant arguments about medical marijuana can get on your nerves but….. it might just be what the doctor ordered.

Hemp Plastic – The Original Plastic

George Washington and hemp plastic

Industrial Hemp Plastic as a New Solution

Industrial hemp plastic could be the beginning of the end to the Age of Plastic! Let’s face it plastic is a problem, it is not environmentally friendly  and we STILL don’t even  know it’s expiration date but Hemp holds many possibilities as an Eco-friendly replacement.
Among global warming, oil spills, and fracking disasters our planet screams out  “It’s Time For A Change”. We are addicted to oil and most of us don’t even recognize it.  First of all it is used to make everything plastic, as well as, fuel vehicles, make shoes, and many other products.

There are companies all over the globe including the United States that have been using hemp for various materials, including a hemp plastic that is 100% biodegradable. We do have a plastic addiction here in the US, but fortunately there are companies out there trying to replace plastic with something more environmentally friendly.

The Farm Bill Section 7606 was passed allowing industrial hemp to be grown and harvested for research and trial runs at the end of 2014. It is estimated that 19 states are currently involved with the research and development of industrial hemp, American Hemp is just one of the first newly established companies. They are located in Winston Salem, North Carolina. The company deals with  research and development programs that are designed to improve various hemp products and materials. They strive to make 100% environmentally safe materials that will create less of a negative impact on the Earth. American Hemp offers processed hemp to various manufacturers. They provide hemp fibers for textiles, building materials, biocomposites, hempcrete and many other materials.

Will Hemp Plastic Ever Thrive In The US?

There are several entrepreneurs and small business owners currently seeking funding to endorse their hemp products. However, if you look to Australia or India you will notice there are already several well established companies offering many different hemp products including hemp plastic, clothes, shoes, building materials, and much more.

One of our famous founding fathers, George Washington, famously grew hemp and Henry Ford was making car parts out of industrial hemp back in the 1940’s. There is even a rumor that Mr. Ford never intended for his vehicles to run on gasoline, rather a hemp based fuel, but you never know.

In 2014 the senior project manager at the Lego headquarters decided to begin researching in order to have future Lego products created out of hemp plastic or bioplastics. The truth is, there is definitely potential for bioplastics and other hemp products to eventually hit the shelves throughout the US. It has been a very slow going process but as Bob Dylan said  “The Times They Are A Changing

If you do a little searching it won’t take long before you stumble upon some really amazing products made using hemp. Studies have been underway for years now and there are businesses all throughout the world already providing hemp made products. Hemp takes less time to grow, creates more oxygen, and has many uses from food to building materials. Replacing plastic with hemp plastic is a very crucial move we need to make in the United States. There is another way we can see and it is time we make that change.