Month: August 2015

Democrat Donkey boxes Republican Elephant

Marijuana Poll: What it Means for Sanders, Clinton, Trump, Bush and the Rest of the 2016 Field

Marijuana Majority recently released the group’s first poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, to question registered voters in Iowa and New Hampshire on whether the federal government should respect state marijuana laws. The poll found that strong majorities of Democrats, Republican and independents want Uncle Sam to stay out of states’ cannabis […]

World War II Memorial NC

Felony Marijuana Charges Dismissed Against 94-Year-Old War Veteran in Charlotte, North Carolina

Several months ago, our very own Russ Belville helped publicize the plight of Douglas Floyd Ponischil, a 94-year old veteran of World War II, who had been arrested in Charlotte, North Carolina, on felony marijuana possession charges (“Rest Easy, Charlotte. The 94-Year-Old Marijuana Consumer Has Been Arrested!“). Mr. Ponischil wasn’t growing […]

Portland Hempstalk Is A Go!

In an unexpected turn, last night the Portland City Council voted 3-1 to grant a permit for the Portland Hempstalk festival at downtown’s Waterfront Park. The vote overturns the Portland Parks Bureau’s denial of the permit, which they announced shortly after last November’s vote to legalize marijuana in Oregon. The […]

Marijuana Grow Brett Levin

Consider the Source: New Colorado Poll Showing Decreased Marijuana Support Can’t Be Trusted

Depending on the circles you run in, you may have heard about the supposed bad news for Colorado marijuana legalization advocates. “New poll shows more Coloradans opposed to legal marijuana” said Colorado’s second-largest newspaper, the Colorado Springs Gazette; “COLORADANS NOW OPPOSE MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION” screamed Parents Opposed to Pot; “COLORADO HAS […]

United Kingdom, Like United States, Rejects Popular Marijuana Legalization Petition

Remember “We the People”, the Obama Administration’s online petition site? It originally promised that any petition receiving greater than 25,000 signatures would receive an official government response. Remember how shocked the media were when time after time, a marijuana legalization petition topped the lists, garnering 44,000, then 46,000, even 83,000 signatures? […]