June 23, 2024

William Levy, Author at MARIJUANA POLITICS

William Levy, an author for Pot Valet spent time working in the medical marijuana industry. He loves to write various topics about the benefits of medical marijuana, cannabis-related products and other stuff.

It’s Trump Folks! The Future of Trump Cannabis

trump cannabis Donald TRrump and Marijuana Politics

A journey that began many years ago is apparently realizing significant developments: the push for marijuana reforms. Now begins the examination of the Trump Cannabis agenda in America.

Throughout the campaign period, it was not only about the presidency but some other interests as well. Marijuana related issues were also on the ballot and factually, different states were at different levels of marijuana reforms. While some of the states in America were seeking for the legalization of medical marijuana, others were a step ahead seeking the formal legalization for recreational marijuana use. All the same, the issue of voting for people into office and marijuana are somewhat inseparable. This is because the motion on the use of both medical and recreational marijuana needed people with the same mind to advance it. According to a Washington post prior to the elections, there were a small number of self-proclaimed congress men in support of the legalization of marijuana. This presented a rather worrying situation.

Trump Cannabis in American Elections

Congress men and women supposedly represent the opinions and decisions of the people and it was very important for them to have a definite say on their take about marijuana. In the end, the elections came and votes were cast.  Indeed, the 2016 election year in the United States may go into records as the turning point as we move into a different Trump Cannabis paradigm. This has been a time when the legalization of marijuana has gone past mere experiments in the US. Ideally, weed and its legalization became more and more popular. Apparently, there is unbounded hope in the future.

Trump Presidency versus Marijuana

During campaigns, Trump took a position that seemed to give states the power to make their own policies on the use and regulation of marijuana. Being a wedge issue in the 2016 elections, there was no middle ground and the presidential aspirants were not left out. Over the years, the federal government has stayed off politics around the use of marijuana. However, there is mounting pressure on the federal authority and that is why the top office aspirants’ stand had to be known. During this election, a total of nine states cast their vote on measures related to marijuana. Four of them were on the use of medical marijuana whereas the rest was for recreational reasons. In the end of the Election Day, seven of these marijuana-related measures passed. Only the one, Arizona failed whereas there is still one more pending, Maine. The outcome of the voting brought to tally more than half of the number of states in America with much defined laws on medical marijuana. About 20% of the of the population resides in a region where adults are 21 years of age and above. These can now consume recreational marijuana based on the laws of their state.

It was a great result in California, having legalized the use of recreational marijuana for anyone aged 21 years of age and above. According to experts, this will prove to be a turning point for marijuana reforms across America. One of the affiliates of the Drug Policy Alliance was quoted prior to the election saying that a yes vote for marijuana in California would shake the federal prohibition stand and the future with the new realization of Trump Cannabis 10th amendment, state’s rights related laws. Now that it passed, California joined other states like Nevada and Massachusetts in the legalization of recreational marijuana. California’s case is special owing to the big population, and its position ranked as the 6th biggest economy all over the world. That is why it is believed that California will carry much influence in the continuing reforms for marijuana.  The main support expressed by the presidential contestants was for medical marijuana. In what was seen as a reluctant move towards having harsh stands on marijuana, Donald Trump didn’t say much concerning what Obama’s Administration pledge about not arresting anyone acting based on the state and local marijuana regulations despite termed as illegal by the federal government. For the national government, marijuana is considered addictive and ranked in the same manner as heroin on such grounds. However, Trump alongside his main opponent didn’t have anything much to say about that other than his constitutional re-affirming of State’s rights.

What can we expect now and in the future for Trump Cannabis?

With the legalization of marijuana is now on an increasing trend, especially from states which are influential like California, the president coming to office and the congress may take proactive measures in the reforms instead of sticking to the current position held by the federal government. Experts say that there is a possibility that weed can be listed as a substance with established medical value. Again, this could see a change in tax laws have been a great impediment for business trading legally owing to IRS’s views on owners of such business as drug traffickers.

There has been a problem with banking options for people trading in the cannabis industry. With these latest developments, there is a chance that banking restrictions could be eased on marijuana traders. For some time now, the business has been trading mainly with cash despite the huge sums of money flowing in the industry. This practice has presented a lot of challenges in the past since it is not possible to track and impose tax proceeds from the sale of marijuana. A proper financial framework for this business is believed to be come to establishment when the new government comes to office. California has huge influence and we all know what that means to the federal government. It is unlikely that the president will ignore such issues put forward by such a respected economy, not only in the United States but also around the world.

Trump Cannabis America and the Future

Lessening of the restrictions by the federal government and easing contradictions of the existing marijuana legal status is much anticipated. Looking back on how far we have come, it is definitely clear that there is no turning back. It is a make or make situation: there is no other option remaining other than to forge forward with the reforms on cannabis. It was important for California to pass these reforms on marijuana and owing to its influence in the United States, the future of cannabis in the nation is expected to blossom. Trump Cannabis?  Trump has said that his position on marijuana is more aligned with a constitutional 10th Amendment State’s rights issue.  Let’s hope so.

US Elections Cannabis Impact

US Elections Cannabis Impact

The US elections are around the corner and among the issues that will definitely take center stage during and after the elections is the US Elections Cannabis impact and marijuana politics. For some, the use of marijuana started as a fad. Yes, it was not made public for the fear of facing charges against its use and for that reason, not many people did it in the open. It is illegal even today and it is not acceptable in some states and other countries across the world. This is one of the most contested drugs around the world and we can only wait and see how both US Elections Cannabis will affect the upcoming elections in the United States.

The cannabis industry has realized increased growth over the years and looking back at how far it has come already, it can only be expected to continue on with the same trend. Today, decriminalized weed is the fastest growing business in America as reported by The ArcView Group. The ArcView Group is a duly registered and established firm in California engaged in the study of affairs pertinent to the cannabis business. The marijuana business has never been without the influence of the politics of the day. It faces another phase that will mainly be defined by the turn of events in the much-awaited elections.

What is the fate of this disputed herb?

Weed has found a number of uses in our society, especially in the world of medicine and as a result, medical marijuana has continued to gain support from many corners. It is believed that there will be an increased use of marijuana in a number of states in U.S. seeing as some additional states are on the verge of decriminalizing even recreational cannabis. There is no doubt that marijuana is a divisive political issue in these elections. These are momentous times and the atmosphere is filled with a lot of excitement with many looking to make millions in this lucrative cannabis industry.  Experts say that the establishment of a responsible legal marijuana industry that is politically engaged, will see a profitable venture where none will be victimized for using this herb.

US Elections Impact Cannabis Will Have

A research conducted by ArcView showed positive signs of the use of marijuana in the future. Even though some people are divided about the issue, the advocates for weed are gaining followers by the day. Backed up by marijuana politics of the day, recreational and medical pot retailers in states exercising legal marijuana trade have placed high hopes of increasing the market size in the next few months.  As of today, California ranks as the largest market for medical marijuana. However, there is a positive step made towards the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2016 hence boosting the size of the market for the cannabis industry.

Elections Could See Major Reforms on Marijuana

In the upcoming elections, five states led by California are believed to vote to permit the use of recreational cannabis across the United States. As of now, the federal government stance is against the use of marijuana for whatever reason.  However, things are expected to change soon. Along with California, other states that have had legalization initiatives include Maine and Massachusetts and there are high hopes that this will pass. While medical marijuana has faced less opposition compared to recreational marijuana, the latter is also gaining support. According to polls, such facts are seen with the even splitting of votes in Nevada, whereas Arizona has showed a marked improvement and inclination towards recreational pot. So what will the US elections cannabis have?

Experts believe that the passage of the laws concerning recreational cannabis in Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and Washington in the last four years, might pave the way to ultimate legalization by the federal government. Most important to note is the contribution made by California. If the latter votes, yes, the reforms can be guaranteed. Led by the lieutenant governor in California, government officials believe that the war on the cannabis industry could end as we look at US elections, Cannabis and its impact. A move by California will pressure Latin America and Mexico to consider legalizing marijuana.

What to Expect from US Elections Cannabis and Its Impact

American politics have always been based on issues and therefore, the US elections Cannabis impact will be crucial.  Reports say that nine states will vote in favor of increased access to weed. Following a long struggle with the legalization of weed, there have already been some results seen with the legalization of medical marijuana in some states. However, the full legalization of pot is considerably within reach looking as we look at the coming elections. There are many among the masses that believe that marijuana is needed. What has hindered its acceptance and use in most parts of the world are the marijuana politics of people who have viewed this subject from one side. This healing plant was given by Mother Nature and with the developing story around the ongoing political campaigns; the weed trade will apparently experience a significant growth across the United States.

The Danger of Synthetic Marijuana

synthetic marijuana

What Is Synthetic Marijuana?

Synthetic marijuana has carried various warnings from health officials since it began to surface as a cheap alternative to organic marijuana.  This substance however is little more than a cheap chemical spray that has an unknown strength.  It can bring about some negative and sever side effects and in general should be avoided.

To date, there are more than 400 different strains of synthetic marijuana available on the market.  They originated in the Middle East and mainly China.  The marijuana is sold in powder form and is shipped in small amounts but don’t let their small size fool you.  These are highly strong doses.

Once the distributor receives the powdered form of synthetic marijuana, they then make a liquid using acetone so that it can be sprayed onto plant matter.  The acetone evaporates away quite quickly and what is left is the dried on chemical.  These chemicals may be nothing more than fertilizer and they are not tested on humans or even animals.  There is no way of knowing that this synthetically made cannabis is going to even have any affect and in some cases, it could have a very negative effect.  To date, no lab has had the authority to test these strains of synthetic marijuana on animals.

Why Is Synthetic Marijuana Said To Be Too Dangerous?

Synthetic marijuana is not something that is hygienically produced either.  You can be sure that there is every likelihood that any synthetic marijuana that you buy has probably been mixed with rakes that are usually used for cleaning out animals, mixed in troughs and even cement mixers.  By simply packaging the synthetic cannabis in pre-printed packaging at low cost, it’s possible for distributors to sell the substance to a wide audience.  Luckily, the plant that the solution is sprayed onto is inert so it wont create a chemical reaction with the chemicals in the spray.  Having said that, these are some chemicals that you really won’t want in your body.

Whilst some of the synthetic marijuana packages claim to have been made with all kinds of mystical sounding plants, the truth is that even after extensive testing of the plants in the packaging, very few of them actually contained any of the ingredients that their labels claimed that they had.

As for the strength of the synthetic cannabis, this really varies from package to package.  Whilst some can seem to have hardly any affect at all on the user, others can be incredibly strong, suggesting that there is absolutely no care or quality control put into these products.  When something is sold with no regard to the customer in an effort to simply make greater profits, the end result could be very dangerous.

The Top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016

top 10 marijuana strains of 2016

Different kinds of marijuana have different effects and flavors so naturally people have their own preferences when it comes to choosing strains and types. A regular marijuana user might like to switch things up a bit and try new strains. We reached out to PotValet for their take on 21016’s best so far and they’ve determined that these are the top 10 marijuana strains of 2016.  They are the most popular and would be great options for beginners and seasoned marijuana users alike.

What are the top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016?

1. OG Kush

OG Kush - Top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016
OG Kush

The first of the top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016 goes to OG Kush which has been a favorite for a very long time and appears on the best list almost every year. The strand was originally introduced in the early 90’s and most people assume that it has descended from Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. This strain contains 19% to 26% of THC, which makes it pretty potent. It has a woody, earthy, pine-like flavor and will help you become relaxed, happy, and euphoric. It’s great for people who suffer from stress, pain, insomnia, depression, and a lack of appetite.

 2. Herijuana

Herijuana - Top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016

Herijuana is from the Indica species and descends from the Petrolia Headstash and Killer New Haven strains, both of which are acknowledged as great marijuana strains. It’s a very potent strain with THC levels over 25%. This isn’t a strain that you should take lightly, but it’s exciting nonetheless. The flavors are pungent, earthy, and sweet with the slight aroma of sandalwood. The strain would make you feel relaxed, sleepy, happy, and uplifted. It is great for people who suffer from pain, stress, insomnia, depression, and inflammation.

3. Jack Herer

The third spot of the top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016 goes to Jack Herer which is 55% Sativa and you can sense its lineage the moment you smoke it. It descends from a combination of Haze, Northern Lights No.5, and Shiva Skunk strains and is very potent. It was created in the 1990’s in Netherlands, and has been consistently popular ever since. Jack Herer contains 18% to 23% THC and has earthy, pine-like, spicy, and woody flavors. Because this strain is primarily Sativa, you feel clear-headed, alert, happy, uplifted, energetic, and creative. It’s great for people who suffer from stress, depression, pain, and headaches.

 4. Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies - Top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016
Girl Scout Cookies

Much beloved and coming in at #4 in the top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016 and better known as GSC, Girl Scout Cookies combines the goodness of OG Kush and Durban Poison. This strain is very potent and has 17% to 28% THC. The strain has a sweet, earthy, and pungent aroma and just a little dose of it can help you reach new highs. It’s extremely effective against pain, appetite loss, nausea, stress, and depression. When you consume it, you feel happy, relaxed, uplifted, and creative. You’re completely relaxed.

5. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue, specifically No.4, is one of the most popular hybrid strains available in the market today. It descends from Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb, and Chem’s Sister strains and is very potent. You’ll be glued to your seat after you smoke this so it’s a good idea to take it when you have nothing else to do. You’ll feel completely relaxed, happy, euphoric, and creative, as you would expect from a primarily sativa strain. It’s great to combat against stress, pain, depression, and insomnia.

6. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel - Top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016
Sour Diesel

With THC levels ranging from 19% to 25%, Sour Diesel is a very potent Sativa strain that descends from Chemdawg, Skunk No.1, and Northern Lights. As the name suggests, you get an aroma of diesel that’s accompanied by pungent and earthy flavors. This strain is very popular amongst people with medical conditions because it’s fast acting, energizing, and delivers a dreamy high. You feel happy and uplifted and can catch a break from stress, depression, pain, fatigue, and lack of appetite.

7. Blueberry

Blueberry - Top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016

Without a doubt, this is one of the most iconic and popular strains of cannabis available today. Blueberry has been around since the 1970’s and has won several awards over the years. It’s primarily an Indica strain and descends from Afghani, Thai, and Purple Thai.

It has high levels of THC and produces a deep, relaxing, and long-lasting euphoria that you can swim in for hours. It can easily suppress pain and stress, which makes it very popular amongst medical consumers. Blueberry is particularly known for its sweet blueberry and berry flavors.

8. Headband

Headband - Top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016

Headband is the child of two strains featured on this list, OG Kush and Sour Diesel and the combination works wonderfully. This strain rocks a very high level of THC ranging from 20% to 27% and has earthy, pungent, and diesel-like aromas. The flavor is smooth, creamy, and carries a tartness of lemons. It’ll give you a long-lasting feeling of happiness, euphoria, relaxation, and creativity. It’s great against stress, depression, pain and headaches.

9. AK-47

While the name gives you an impression that this strain is intense and will envelope you with a high, that’s not the case. The strain will help you feel completely relaxed, happy, uplifted, and euphoric. You’ll be buzzed and still alert and social enough to interact with others.

The strain combines the best qualities of Colombian, Thai, Mexican, and Afghani Sativa and Indica varieties. The flavor is quite complex and can be earthy and sour with a mildly sweet aftertaste. Mind you, some people react differently to AK-47 and are hit with a serious high that would render them relaxed and dazed for quite some time.

 10. White Widow

White Widow - Top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016
White Widow

Rounding out the top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016 is one of the most well-known strains of cannabis and descends from South American Sativa and South Indian Indica, White Widow. The strain was originally produced in 1990’s and has been consistently popular ever since. It’s quite potent and can lay you flat for a few hours if you don’t mind the usage. At first, you’re hit with a surge of energy, happiness, and euphoria.

After the high trickles down, you’ll feel incredibly relaxed and sleepy. Because of this, White Widow is great against stress, depression, pain, and lack of appetite. It has earthy, woody, and pungent aromas, and provides a flavorful experience overall.

There are several other strains of marijuana available to you besides our top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2016 and all of them have distinct flavors and effects. So you shouldn’t hesitate to explore the diverse world of cannabis and try new things.  For more strain information check out the PotValet blog.


Best Anti-Anxiety Medical Marijuana Strains

medical marijuana strains

Cannabis and anxiety is a complicated subject as there are many factors to consider when you are choosing from the most appropriate anti-anxiety medical marijuana strains.  If you know the basics however, you will have a better chance of choosing the right strain the first time.  There are some users of marijuana who have had bad experiences in relation to their anxiety.  This is because certain strains can actually make anxiety worse while it works better on other medical issues.

The key is to look out for medical marijuana strains that have high levels of cannabinoids, as this will work best to reduce anxiety.  THC is the other chemical in marijuana that is found in different quantities depending on the train.  THC tends to have a negative effect for those who suffer from anxiety so this should be avoided as much as possible.  Despite this rule however, there are still some strains of marijuana that contain higher levels of THC that can still help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Indica vs. Sativa for Anti-Anxiety Medical Marijuana Strains

When it comes to relaxing the mind, most marijuana users prefer to choose medical marijuana strains from indica to sativa strains of marijuana.  This is because indica has more relaxing benefits for the mind.  By calming your mind, any thoughts of stress or tension can be gently eased away.  A purple Kush type of marijuana strain for example would be good for a sufferer of anxiety.  Indica strains can also help anxiety sufferers to get a better night’s sleep.

Sativa medical marijuana strains really aren’t suitable for those with anxiety due to the high levels of THC that they contain.  THC has a high cerebral effect on the mind.  You’ll feel more alert and uplifted when you use sativa strains but this won’t help you to deal with any feelings of anxiety.  If anything, the way that your mind starts to race will actually add to your feelings of anxiety.  There are one or two varieties of sativa strains that can be used by those who suffer from anxiety such as Jack Herer but there are not many of these varieties that don’t conform to the norm for this strain.

There are times when using indica strains are not possible.  For those who want to feel the calming anti-anxiety effects during their working day for example, indica is a bad choice.  The last thing that you want to do when you are preparing for a long shift at work is to use a strain of marijuana that will make you feel sleepy.  For the times where you need to be fully functioning throughout the day, you could consider using a hybrid strain of MMJ.  Some of these strains are higher in CBD or cannabinoids whilst others have a higher THC content.  Try to choose a strain that has more CBD than THC, as this will ensure that you are alert enough to do your job, but the CBD content will help to calm your anxiety so that you can cope better with your day.

When it comes to cannabis and finding the right medical marijuana strains for you, it all comes down to what works best for the individual. Now that Oregon is allowing edibles for recreational sale, it is even more important to consider which strain is right for you.   You should try a small amount of one strain of marijuana to see how you react to it and then increase the dose a little.  Even though most people find that indica strains and those strains with higher CBD content work best for anxiety, you may be different.  Don’t be afraid to try different strains and different varieties until you find the one that works for you.  You could even try different ways of using the marijuana for example ingesting, vaping or smoking it.