Stephen Colbert Exposes John Kasich’s Marijuana Hypocrisy


Ohio Governor John Kasich was recently grilled by Stephen Colbert on his hypocrisy regarding marijuana as Kashich joined both prohibitionists and many cannabis law reformers in opposing the controversial Issue 3 legalization measure. While Kasich remains a longshot to win the Republican nomination, he will very likely be on the short list of vice presidential candidates, particularly because of Ohio’s importance in the presidential election. In fact, no GOP candidate has ever won the presidency without carrying Ohio.

First, Colbert notes the absurdity of relying upon “for the children” argument when alcohol is legal. After Kasich hems and haws for a bit, trying to deflect the conversation to other drugs, Colbert then exposes the supreme hypocrisy of privileged people like John Kasich who smoked marijuana in the past, but support criminalizing cannabis today. This type of personal hypocrisy was brought to the forefront during a previous GOP debate, when Rand Paul called out Jeb Bush.

Colbert asks Kasich if he would be governor today if he was caught smoking marijuana by police in his youth and Kasich jokes, “Maybe, if I got you to come out to campaign for me.” Kasich does state that he would support medical cannabis, but only if “the experts come back and say that we need this for people who have seizures”. What Kasich and many other prohibitionists don’t seem to understand, besides the fact that their hypocrisy is offensive, is that marijuana convictions of any kind can have severe detrimental consequences upon people’s lives, even if they aren’t arrested or ever see the inside of a jail cell. Thankfully, a majority of Americans now understand the need to repeal cannabis prohibition, and more and more politicians are having their old-fashioned and hypocritical marijuana policy positions exposed.

Based upon this exchange, it seems unlikely that Stephen Colbert will be endorsing John Kasich anytime soon. Check out the video of the interview segment and see for yourself:

Anthony Johnson

Anthony, a longtime cannabis law reform advocate, was Chief Petitioner and co-author of Measure 91, Oregon’s ca