5 Great Pot Based Internet Shows


So, you just hit a jay straight to the face. Now you need some sort of entertainment. Sure, you could play a video game or watch the same old boring things on TV. But why not try watching some shows made just for people that really, really like weed?  Please use this handy-dandy listicle to get your stoner bingewatching on.



1. Getting Doug With High

Doug Benson has been an advocate for cannabis legalization for years. The star of  Super High Me also produces two other great shows: Doug Loves Movies, and Getting Doug with High.  GDWH (that’s what the fans call it) has a very simple premise: Doug’s  friends come to his studio basement(known as the Spacement), smoke weed, and chat.  It’s very entertaining. This episode with the dudes from Workaholics is one of the best:

2.  Strain Hunters

Wow. These guys run Greenhouse Seeds in The Netherlands. Not only do they produce some super nice cannabis, they travel the world searching for rare old school cannabis strains to bring home and cultivate. It’s like he’s the “Indiana Stoned” of ancient pot plants. Check out this visit to Swaziland:


3. Stoney Sunday   

Coral Reefer started out with a twitter page and a love of cannabis.  Nowadays, her Stoney Sunday vlog is viewed by thousands of happy stoners all over the world.  This episode where her mom visits is particularly delightful.


4. B Real – The Smokebox

B – Real is a legend in the cannabis community. He is the guy who popularized the blunt, for crying out loud.  His youtube channel is full of cool things, but the Smokebox series could be my favorite. it’s llike “Comics in Cars Getting Coffee”, but with weed. here he is with another legend, Tommy Chong:


5. GGN Hood News

Snoop Dogg’s show. ‘Nuff Said.

Ngaio Bealum is one of the premiere cannabis comics in the United States and you’ll see why he has performed at just about every Hempfest on the West Coast and too many cannabis-related events to even keep track of. He has appeared on Comedy Central, BET, MTV and many other networks and shows across your television dial. Very recently, he was a featured guest on the hilarious podcast of Doug Benson (Super High Me, Half-Baked), Getting Doug With High. In addition to his cannabis comedy, he is the former editor of West Coast Cannabis Magazine and has been a tireless activist for legalization. While Ngaio’s comedy is hilarious whether you are a full-fledged member of the cannabis community or not, it certainly doesn’t hurt. You should follow him on Twitter @ngaio420