Best Anti-Anxiety Medical Marijuana Strains


Cannabis and anxiety is a complicated subject as there are many factors to consider when you are choosing from the most appropriate anti-anxiety medical marijuana strains.  If you know the basics however, you will have a better chance of choosing the right strain the first time.  There are some users of marijuana who have had bad experiences in relation to their anxiety.  This is because certain strains can actually make anxiety worse while it works better on other medical issues.

The key is to look out for medical marijuana strains that have high levels of cannabinoids, as this will work best to reduce anxiety.  THC is the other chemical in marijuana that is found in different quantities depending on the train.  THC tends to have a negative effect for those who suffer from anxiety so this should be avoided as much as possible.  Despite this rule however, there are still some strains of marijuana that contain higher levels of THC that can still help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Indica vs. Sativa for Anti-Anxiety Medical Marijuana Strains

When it comes to relaxing the mind, most marijuana users prefer to choose medical marijuana strains from indica to sativa strains of marijuana.  This is because indica has more relaxing benefits for the mind.  By calming your mind, any thoughts of stress or tension can be gently eased away.  A purple Kush type of marijuana strain for example would be good for a sufferer of anxiety.  Indica strains can also help anxiety sufferers to get a better night’s sleep.

Sativa medical marijuana strains really aren’t suitable for those with anxiety due to the high levels of THC that they contain.  THC has a high cerebral effect on the mind.  You’ll feel more alert and uplifted when you use sativa strains but this won’t help you to deal with any feelings of anxiety.  If anything, the way that your mind starts to race will actually add to your feelings of anxiety.  There are one or two varieties of sativa strains that can be used by those who suffer from anxiety such as Jack Herer but there are not many of these varieties that don’t conform to the norm for this strain.

There are times when using indica strains are not possible.  For those who want to feel the calming anti-anxiety effects during their working day for example, indica is a bad choice.  The last thing that you want to do when you are preparing for a long shift at work is to use a strain of marijuana that will make you feel sleepy.  For the times where you need to be fully functioning throughout the day, you could consider using a hybrid strain of MMJ.  Some of these strains are higher in CBD or cannabinoids whilst others have a higher THC content.  Try to choose a strain that has more CBD than THC, as this will ensure that you are alert enough to do your job, but the CBD content will help to calm your anxiety so that you can cope better with your day.

When it comes to cannabis and finding the right medical marijuana strains for you, it all comes down to what works best for the individual. Now that Oregon is allowing edibles for recreational sale, it is even more important to consider which strain is right for you.   You should try a small amount of one strain of marijuana to see how you react to it and then increase the dose a little.  Even though most people find that indica strains and those strains with higher CBD content work best for anxiety, you may be different.  Don’t be afraid to try different strains and different varieties until you find the one that works for you.  You could even try different ways of using the marijuana for example ingesting, vaping or smoking it.

William Levy

William Levy, an author for Pot Valet spent time working in the medical marijuana industry. He loves to write various topics about the benefits of medical marijuana, cannabis-related products and other stuff.