Tommy Chong: “I Love Donald Trump. He Personifies the Republican Party.”


I got the chance to sit down with cannabis legend Tommy Chong at the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco. Chong, 77, is parlaying his cannabis celebrity into a new brand, Chong’s Choice, as well as co-hosting a podcast with his son, Paris, to be hosted on

I asked Tommy about the state of marijuana and politics, beginning with the Republicans. “I love Donald Trump,” Chong told me, “he personifies everything the Republican Party is about.” When asked about the unexpectedly exciting battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side, Chong replied, “We’ve only got Bernie.” We also discussed the upcoming battle to legalize marijuana in California, with Chong lending his support to any form of legalization that makes the ballot.

Enjoy this first portion of our twenty-minute interview with Tommy Chong – we’ll have more parts uploaded shortly.