US Elections Cannabis Impact


The US elections are around the corner and among the issues that will definitely take center stage during and after the elections is the US Elections Cannabis impact and marijuana politics. For some, the use of marijuana started as a fad. Yes, it was not made public for the fear of facing charges against its use and for that reason, not many people did it in the open. It is illegal even today and it is not acceptable in some states and other countries across the world. This is one of the most contested drugs around the world and we can only wait and see how both US Elections Cannabis will affect the upcoming elections in the United States.

The cannabis industry has realized increased growth over the years and looking back at how far it has come already, it can only be expected to continue on with the same trend. Today, decriminalized weed is the fastest growing business in America as reported by The ArcView Group. The ArcView Group is a duly registered and established firm in California engaged in the study of affairs pertinent to the cannabis business. The marijuana business has never been without the influence of the politics of the day. It faces another phase that will mainly be defined by the turn of events in the much-awaited elections.

What is the fate of this disputed herb?

Weed has found a number of uses in our society, especially in the world of medicine and as a result, medical marijuana has continued to gain support from many corners. It is believed that there will be an increased use of marijuana in a number of states in U.S. seeing as some additional states are on the verge of decriminalizing even recreational cannabis. There is no doubt that marijuana is a divisive political issue in these elections. These are momentous times and the atmosphere is filled with a lot of excitement with many looking to make millions in this lucrative cannabis industry.  Experts say that the establishment of a responsible legal marijuana industry that is politically engaged, will see a profitable venture where none will be victimized for using this herb.

US Elections Impact Cannabis Will Have

A research conducted by ArcView showed positive signs of the use of marijuana in the future. Even though some people are divided about the issue, the advocates for weed are gaining followers by the day. Backed up by marijuana politics of the day, recreational and medical pot retailers in states exercising legal marijuana trade have placed high hopes of increasing the market size in the next few months.  As of today, California ranks as the largest market for medical marijuana. However, there is a positive step made towards the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2016 hence boosting the size of the market for the cannabis industry.

Elections Could See Major Reforms on Marijuana

In the upcoming elections, five states led by California are believed to vote to permit the use of recreational cannabis across the United States. As of now, the federal government stance is against the use of marijuana for whatever reason.  However, things are expected to change soon. Along with California, other states that have had legalization initiatives include Maine and Massachusetts and there are high hopes that this will pass. While medical marijuana has faced less opposition compared to recreational marijuana, the latter is also gaining support. According to polls, such facts are seen with the even splitting of votes in Nevada, whereas Arizona has showed a marked improvement and inclination towards recreational pot. So what will the US elections cannabis have?

Experts believe that the passage of the laws concerning recreational cannabis in Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and Washington in the last four years, might pave the way to ultimate legalization by the federal government. Most important to note is the contribution made by California. If the latter votes, yes, the reforms can be guaranteed. Led by the lieutenant governor in California, government officials believe that the war on the cannabis industry could end as we look at US elections, Cannabis and its impact. A move by California will pressure Latin America and Mexico to consider legalizing marijuana.

What to Expect from US Elections Cannabis and Its Impact

American politics have always been based on issues and therefore, the US elections Cannabis impact will be crucial.  Reports say that nine states will vote in favor of increased access to weed. Following a long struggle with the legalization of weed, there have already been some results seen with the legalization of medical marijuana in some states. However, the full legalization of pot is considerably within reach looking as we look at the coming elections. There are many among the masses that believe that marijuana is needed. What has hindered its acceptance and use in most parts of the world are the marijuana politics of people who have viewed this subject from one side. This healing plant was given by Mother Nature and with the developing story around the ongoing political campaigns; the weed trade will apparently experience a significant growth across the United States.

William Levy, an author for Pot Valet spent time working in the medical marijuana industry. He loves to write various topics about the benefits of medical marijuana, cannabis-related products and other stuff.