Creative Cannabis Cultivators Donate and Share in Our Nation’s Capital


Washington, D.C., voters overwhelmingly supported marijuana legalization last November with more than 70% of the vote. While many voters across the nation support cannabis legalization efforts because of the additional tax revenue sales will bring in, D.C. residents couldn’t regulate commerce due to the our nation’s capital weird relationship with Congress and the federal government. Prohibitionist federal lawmakers ridiculously blocked any regulated cannabis commerce D.C., and the ensuing new revenue it would bring to the local community, but they couldn’t stop the ability to legally possess and cultivate cannabis. Following the first legal harvest in the District, marijuana growers have gotten creative with how they dispense the fruits of their labor.

The Washington Post reports:

A fitness instructor who took up the hobby six months ago has amassed enough pot to make tens of thousands of dollars selling it. Instead, he’s begun giving away a little bit to anyone who pays for a massage. The instructor asked not to be named out of concern that he or his home, where he sometimes serves clients, could become targets for criminals.

A T-shirt vendor in Columbia Heights who declined to comment may be working in a similar gray area. College students say the roving stand has become known to include a “gift” of a bag of marijuana inside a purchase for those who tip really well. And recently, dozens of people paid $125 for a class in Northwest Washington to learn about cooking with cannabis from a home grower. Free samples were included.

Thus far, local law enforcement, with many other more pressing priorities, “Keep in mind that the spirit, intent and letter of the law is supposed to decriminalize a practice that can lead to over­policing and overincarceration,” Kevin Donahue, the city’s deputy mayor for public safety, told The Washington Post.

It is great that local D.C. officials understand that ending the arrest, prosecution and imprisonment is the most important reason to end cannabis prohibition.Hopefully, Congress will get around to allowing  Washington, D.C., residents implement the regulations they desire. It is a national disgrace that voters living in our nation’s capital suffer through taxation without representation and have their will usurped by outside government officials.