Bernie Sanders Political Revolution Takes Wyoming, New York Up Next


The Bernie Sanders political revolution rolled through Wyoming, marking 8 victories out of the last 9 contests for Sanders over Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. Senator Sanders earned 56% of the vote in the closed Wyoming caucu while Clinton won 44%. The all-important New York primary is next, with both candidates claiming ties to the Empire State, Sanders was born and raised in Brooklyn while Hillary Clinton moved to the state, where she represented the state for 8 years as a senator.

The polls show former New York Senator Hillary Clinton leading in her adopted state by double digits, but Sanders has made ground in recent weeks. Sanders’ supporters can point to his overperformance of the polls, particularly in Michigan, as evidence that the Vermont Senator can, once again, shock the political establishment.

Bernie Sanders has often spoke about his political momentum as he reeled off his recent wins, while Hillary Clinton’s campaign has maintained confidence, with the former Secretary stating that she expects to be the nominee. Saturday Night Live had some fun with Hillary

Whether Bernie Sanders pulls off an upset in New York, the anti-establishment candidate has undoubtedly ran a rather amazing campaign that has exceeded expectations. Above and beyond any campaign, the political movement that Sanders has energized, has already won in many ways as the Democratic debate has moved towards more progressive positions.

For cannabis law reformers, a candidate that supports ending federal prohibition is virtually tied nationally with the Democratic front-runner and has won 17 contests thus far, a remarkable development for the marijuana movement.  Regardless of who becomes president, the worst case scenario for the cannabis community, is a chief executive that supports states’ rights to determine their own marijuana laws. Whether or not Bernie Sanders wins the presidency, his political revolution, that includes equality for the cannabis community, will be alive and well.