California Poised to Lead Cannabis Commerce in 2016 and Beyond


After years of a hodgepodge of local regulations, the California Legislature just passed statewide regulations that will set certain standards in place, while still providing some local control for cities and counties. While these regulations will cause some headaches and growing pains, they do set the state’s cannabis industry to cash in even bigger. Voters, especially the moderate “soccer mom” vote key to winning at the ballot box, tend to appreciate rules and regulations. With these regulations in place, success for a 2016 ballot measure is now more likely.

The upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in San Francisco will provide California cannabis entrepreneurs with unique insight into the current commercial system as well as upcoming regulations that would be implemented if voters pass a legalization proposition in November. In addition to nuts and bolts business advice, the ICBC helps bring the industry and activists together to unite behind regulations that the cannabis community can be proud of. While ICBC will have an emphasis on California, the event will bring in activists and successful entrepreneurs from around the globe to share tips and experiences.

Rick Steves at the ICBC in SF in 2015
The ICBC in San Francisco brings in top professional and advocates who can help attendees succeed in the cannabis industry.

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