Oregon’s Marijuana Rules Changing Again, Get the Latest at the OMBC


Oregon’s marijuana rules and laws are ever changing. The 2016 legislative session made several changes to both the state’s medical and recreational laws. Following the legislative session, both the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) have started rulemaking procedures that will impact patients, consumers, providers and cannabis businesses. While it can be very confusing for the cannabis community and industry participants, the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) on April 24th in Eugene, will provide a complete breakdown of current laws and give a glimpse into future changes.

Entrepreneurs always pack the OMBC for the latest medical & recreational law information.


Unfortunately, OHA is poised to move forward with too-restrictive limits on cannabis-infused edibles. On the positive side, the OLCC will be moving forward with micro-canopy growerlicenses that will allow Oregon’s small growers compete in the burgeoning market. Complicating issues even more, the city of Portland is considering raising local licensing fees, while other cities will be holding votes on whether to repeal bans on marijuana businesses.

 It can be overwhelming to keep up-to-date with marijuana laws and the federal, state, city and county level while dealing with rules from two separate agencies, so the OMBC is bringing inadvocates, government officials, industry participants and lawyers to help you navigate the system. The OMBC has long kept activism at the forefront of our conference’s agenda and brought together lawyers and entrepreneurs to help answer all of your burning questions. One difference in this year’s OMBC is a panel that includes members of the OLCC that will help walk you through the state’s recreational licensing system.
Tommy Chong takes time to meet fans, including advocates like Sunnie Sanchez & Sarah Duff.


In addition to covering virtually all aspects of Oregon marijuana law, the OMBC, as always, will give entrepreneurs a great opportunity to network with others in the industry. A VIP party featuring the brilliant Dr. Carl Hart and a conference after-party, featuring the great Tommy Chong, will ensure that the OMBC social events will be unlike any other conference’s in Oregon. Conference tickets are only $149 until Friday, so get your tickets now before our latest one-of-a-kind event sells out.