Lift Cannabis Expo in Vancouver Sets the Stage for the ICBC


The Lift Cannabis Expo, taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre on September 16-17, will be a great trade expo with more than 130 exhibitors. Anticipation is definitely high for the expo as Canada is poised to legalize cannabis in the near future and entrepreneurs and advocates need to prepare. Those of us working on the upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference less than a month later are pleased to help promote the Lift Cannabis Expo, as both events complement each other nicely. It certainly makes sense for both Lift and the ICBC to host world-class events in Vancouver, British Columbia, as the area is home to a number of Health Canada-licensed producers, medicinal cannabis clinics, testing laboratories, dispensaries, seed banks, and a long, rich history of cannabis culture and activism.

Canada is helping lead the world towards a sensible cannabis policy, but there will be many obstacles to overcome as business people and activists wrestle with federal implementation along with regulations imposed by provincial and municipal governments. Those obstacles can be opportunities for those that are well-informed, and the Lift Expo and ICBC will combine to have attendees prepared to tackle Canadian market, as well as gain insight that will help entrepreneurs in any cannabis system.

In addition to the ability to network with numerous vendors, Lift will be providing quality information as well. The Vice-Chair of Canada’s Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation, Dr. Mark Ware, will provide updates on the federal government’s progress and answer attendees questions. The Expo will also feature speakers from the US and Canada including: attorney Kirk Tousaw; Hilary Black, founder of Canada’s first medical cannabis dispensary; Dr. Brian Emerson, a medical consultant for British Columbia’s Ministry of Health,; and many more quality speakers.

The Expo will include a cannabis startup pitch competition with the Arcview Group, a career fair, on-site medical cannabis consultations, and more features that will appeal to the cannabis community.

“Fresh off the heels of our successful Toronto Lift Expo this past May, we chose to hold our second signature expo in Vancouver because of the heavily rooted cannabis culture in this community,” Lift CEO Tyler Sookochoff stated in a press release. “The entire world is watching with bated breath to see how cannabis legalization will take place in this country, and Vancouver is the epicentre for Canada’s vibrant cannabis community.”

We are definitely excited about the Lift Cannabis Expo and agree that Vancouver, British Columbia, is an exciting locale for cannabis events. Since knowledge and relationships are powerful in business, those in the cannabis industry, or thinking of joining, should attend bot the Lift Cannabis Expo and the International Cannabis Business Conference. The events are different in scope, but both will provide valuable information and networking opportunities. On behalf of everyone that helps organize the ICBC, we hope to see you at that Lift Cannabis Expo on September 17-18 and at the ICBC on October 13-14.

ICBC Staff

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) returns to San Francisco, California, on February 13th-14th, bringing in marijuana industry experts from around the globe to create an educational and networking event unlike any other. The two-day ICBC experience includes the latest business, legal and political information while also providing networking social events that will benefit any entrepreneur. With California on the verge of legalizing cannabis in 2016, all eyes will be on the Golden State as the legal cannabis industry will be poised to fully enter the eighth largest economic market in the world. Whether you are a grower, processor, dispensary operator, own an ancillary business or are just thinking about entering the cannabis industry, you will find the ICBC engaging and entertaining and leave with valuable knowledge to take your respective business to the next level. Attendees will learn from those with success on the ground in both commerce and activism, learning important business tools as well as how to best improve and protect our marijuana laws. The ICBC truly believes that the best cannabis industry promotes sound business laws while also working to keep people out of prison and ensure safe access for patients. You do not want to miss this world class cannabis business conference!