Month: March 2016

Medical Marijuana dispensary

New Rules and Ordinances Hinder Oregon Cannabis Community, Learn the Latest and Organize to Fight at the OMBC

UPDATE: The Oregon Health Authority updated its rule to allow extractors to apply for a license and start legally processing on April 1st. Licensed dispensaries will then be able to see extracts produced by these provisionally-licensed processors.  Following the passage of the Oregon Measure 91 legalization initiative, most cannabis law reformers pleaded with […]

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Wins 95% of Country Committees, Defeating Hillary Clinton 69% to 31% Among Democrats Abroad

Democrats abroad voted in record numbers with a turnout more than 50% above 2008, giving Bernie Sanders a much-needed victory over Hillary Clinton heading into Tuesday’s elections in Utah, Idaho and Arizona. Democratic front-runner Clinton has pushed her lead to more than 300 pledged delegates and the anti-establishment Sanders needs to […]

Obama Nominates Pot Prohibitionist To Supreme Court

Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee, Merrick Garland, has already shown himself to be a naïve and cruel cannabis prohibitionist.  He has ruled against even the slightest rescheduling of cannabis for recognition of its medical value and for retaining research prohibitions. Since its thoughtless and bigoted classification as a Schedule I drug without medical […]


Chicago Activists Celebrate Defeat of Anita Alvarez, Prosecutor Soft on Police Killings

During the latest Super Tuesday, black Chicago activists flew banners across the city skyline criticizing Mayor Rahm Emanuel and State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez for their shameful response to the police killing of 17 year-old Laquan McDonald. The banners read: “Chicago Stands with Laquan, Hillary Stands with Rahm— #ByeAnita #ByeRahm” as the […]

Activists ly banner over chicago

Black Chicago Activists Fly ‘Chicago Stands with Laquan, Hillary Stands with Rahm’ Banners Across Windy City’s Skyline

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a Hillary Clinton supporter, has become so toxic that he has had to stay away from the Democratic front-runner while Bernie Sanders has run anti-Emanuel ads tying Clinton and the embattled mayor together. Mayor Emanuel has come under fire particularly for the police shooting of Laquan McDonald […]