Month: September 2015

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Creative Cannabis Cultivators Donate and Share in Our Nation’s Capital

Washington, D.C., voters overwhelmingly supported marijuana legalization last November with more than 70% of the vote. While many voters across the nation support cannabis legalization efforts because of the additional tax revenue sales will bring in, D.C. residents couldn’t regulate commerce due to the our nation’s capital weird relationship with Congress […]


PDX OMMBC 2015 Notes

Thank you for attending the 2015 Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference in Portland. More notes from the conference coming soon… General Information: House Bill 3400 Senate Bill 460 Senate Bill 844 Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Oregon Medical Marijuana FAQ Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program Oregon Recreational Marijuana FAQ Cities and […]

Earl Blumenauer

Earl Blumenauer’s Women Grow Speech, A Sneak Peak of His Federal Law Talk This Sunday

Congressman Earl Blumenauer has been traveling coast-to-coast recently, drumming up support for marijuana legalization nationally and supporting the Oregon cannabis community in every way that he can. From introducing expungement legislation based upon Oregon’s recently passed expungement law to working on sensible federal banking reform, Blumenauer has been leading the […]

Kevin Sabet of Project SAM

Kevin Sabet’s Project SAM Can’t Even Get Their Cherry-Picked Youth Marijuana Scare Data Straight

I explained to everyone on Wednesday how the New Project SAM Oregon Affiliate Can’t Explain Teen Marijuana Use Declines. That’s because the latest data from 2014 in the National Survey on Drug Use & Health are out and despite the prohibitionists’ fevered predictions, teens haven’t rushed to become joint-puffing youth marijuana […]