Month: May 2015

The Arrogance of Oregon Senator Ginny Burdick

If you’re just joining us, Oregon’s joint legislative committee that was assigned the task of implementing our recreational marijuana legalization got bogged down trying to restrict the medical marijuana program. Never mind that the Measure 91 recreational marijuana legalization initiative said, three times, that the existing medical marijuana program was […]

Oregon Senate Bill 844 Rejected For Now as House Democrats Defend Patients and the Will of the Voters

The Oregon Joint Committee on Implementing Measure 91 failed to pass Senate Bill 844, a medical marijuana regulatory bill, that began as an OLCC Measure 91 “technical fix” bill, last night and currently are at an impasse over how they will move forward. Rightfully, patients, advocates and concerned citizens made their voices heard after legislators shirked the major duty […]

Marijuana Reform Bill Passes Kansas’ House

Yes, Kansas. “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto,” shocked prohibitionists may mutter, as they are unable to utilize old Reefer Madness propaganda, or the repackaged Big Reefer Madness 2.0, in conservative states anymore. More and more conservatives are now advocating for the small government principles underlying marijuana law reform.After seeing […]

Marijuana Perplexes the 2016 Republican Hopefuls

Marijuana legalization has been making inroads with Republican voters, especially millennials, but GOP support has lagged well behind Democrats and independents. Cannabis law reform advocates have long pointed out the conservative values demonstrated by marijuana legalization, including personal freedom, personal responsibility, entrepreneurship, smaller government and states’ rights. Marijuana law reform has […]

marijuana on money

Medical Marijuana, Money and Motives

While certainly not alone, I have been helping lead the fight against Senate Bill 844, a bill that will fundamentally alter the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program and cost some patients their gardens and access to medicine. Thanks to the efforts of patients and concerned citizens, we have postponed the vote […]

Marijuana Moves Mainstream in Texas

Marijuana moves mainstream in Texas!?! In Texas?!? Are we really talking about Texas? Yes, we certainly are talking about Texas and when Tea Party politicians in the Lone Star State are advocating for an end to cannabis prohibition, you know that marijuana has gone mainstream and legalization is completely inevitable. […]