June 23, 2024

Write For Us

If you are passionate about issues that relate to marijuana or issues that would appeal to the cannabis community, then you can write for us. As you can see, we cover politics (of course), business, culture, sports and the environment. We are looking for original content and are especially interested to hear from those that are working to end the failed and harmful policy of cannabis prohibition.

If writing isn’t quite your thing, but you are good with infographics or videos, then that may work out as well. If something cool or newsworthy occurs at a marijuana event and you want to share it with the cannabis community, we can be the forum to do so. Do you have a cool graphic that displays important information in a new or interesting way, we can help you get the word out.

We are an upstart website that is doing its best to give the cannabis community the news and information we need, while also trying to remember that we humans need to have some fun as well. We can’t promise that we will pay out a ton of money (or any money), but if your work is quality, then we’ll see what we can do. If you are interested in writing for us, fill out our contact form and let us know. (we can also go with an email address as well)

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