It’s Trump Folks! The Future of Trump Cannabis


A journey that began many years ago is apparently realizing significant developments: the push for marijuana reforms. Now begins the examination of the Trump Cannabis agenda in America.

Throughout the campaign period, it was not only about the presidency but some other interests as well. Marijuana related issues were also on the ballot and factually, different states were at different levels of marijuana reforms. While some of the states in America were seeking for the legalization of medical marijuana, others were a step ahead seeking the formal legalization for recreational marijuana use. All the same, the issue of voting for people into office and marijuana are somewhat inseparable. This is because the motion on the use of both medical and recreational marijuana needed people with the same mind to advance it. According to a Washington post prior to the elections, there were a small number of self-proclaimed congress men in support of the legalization of marijuana. This presented a rather worrying situation.

Trump Cannabis in American Elections

Congress men and women supposedly represent the opinions and decisions of the people and it was very important for them to have a definite say on their take about marijuana. In the end, the elections came and votes were cast.  Indeed, the 2016 election year in the United States may go into records as the turning point as we move into a different Trump Cannabis paradigm. This has been a time when the legalization of marijuana has gone past mere experiments in the US. Ideally, weed and its legalization became more and more popular. Apparently, there is unbounded hope in the future.

Trump Presidency versus Marijuana

During campaigns, Trump took a position that seemed to give states the power to make their own policies on the use and regulation of marijuana. Being a wedge issue in the 2016 elections, there was no middle ground and the presidential aspirants were not left out. Over the years, the federal government has stayed off politics around the use of marijuana. However, there is mounting pressure on the federal authority and that is why the top office aspirants’ stand had to be known. During this election, a total of nine states cast their vote on measures related to marijuana. Four of them were on the use of medical marijuana whereas the rest was for recreational reasons. In the end of the Election Day, seven of these marijuana-related measures passed. Only the one, Arizona failed whereas there is still one more pending, Maine. The outcome of the voting brought to tally more than half of the number of states in America with much defined laws on medical marijuana. About 20% of the of the population resides in a region where adults are 21 years of age and above. These can now consume recreational marijuana based on the laws of their state.

It was a great result in California, having legalized the use of recreational marijuana for anyone aged 21 years of age and above. According to experts, this will prove to be a turning point for marijuana reforms across America. One of the affiliates of the Drug Policy Alliance was quoted prior to the election saying that a yes vote for marijuana in California would shake the federal prohibition stand and the future with the new realization of Trump Cannabis 10th amendment, state’s rights related laws. Now that it passed, California joined other states like Nevada and Massachusetts in the legalization of recreational marijuana. California’s case is special owing to the big population, and its position ranked as the 6th biggest economy all over the world. That is why it is believed that California will carry much influence in the continuing reforms for marijuana.  The main support expressed by the presidential contestants was for medical marijuana. In what was seen as a reluctant move towards having harsh stands on marijuana, Donald Trump didn’t say much concerning what Obama’s Administration pledge about not arresting anyone acting based on the state and local marijuana regulations despite termed as illegal by the federal government. For the national government, marijuana is considered addictive and ranked in the same manner as heroin on such grounds. However, Trump alongside his main opponent didn’t have anything much to say about that other than his constitutional re-affirming of State’s rights.

What can we expect now and in the future for Trump Cannabis?

With the legalization of marijuana is now on an increasing trend, especially from states which are influential like California, the president coming to office and the congress may take proactive measures in the reforms instead of sticking to the current position held by the federal government. Experts say that there is a possibility that weed can be listed as a substance with established medical value. Again, this could see a change in tax laws have been a great impediment for business trading legally owing to IRS’s views on owners of such business as drug traffickers.

There has been a problem with banking options for people trading in the cannabis industry. With these latest developments, there is a chance that banking restrictions could be eased on marijuana traders. For some time now, the business has been trading mainly with cash despite the huge sums of money flowing in the industry. This practice has presented a lot of challenges in the past since it is not possible to track and impose tax proceeds from the sale of marijuana. A proper financial framework for this business is believed to be come to establishment when the new government comes to office. California has huge influence and we all know what that means to the federal government. It is unlikely that the president will ignore such issues put forward by such a respected economy, not only in the United States but also around the world.

Trump Cannabis America and the Future

Lessening of the restrictions by the federal government and easing contradictions of the existing marijuana legal status is much anticipated. Looking back on how far we have come, it is definitely clear that there is no turning back. It is a make or make situation: there is no other option remaining other than to forge forward with the reforms on cannabis. It was important for California to pass these reforms on marijuana and owing to its influence in the United States, the future of cannabis in the nation is expected to blossom. Trump Cannabis?  Trump has said that his position on marijuana is more aligned with a constitutional 10th Amendment State’s rights issue.  Let’s hope so.

William Levy, an author for Pot Valet spent time working in the medical marijuana industry. He loves to write various topics about the benefits of medical marijuana, cannabis-related products and other stuff.