Medical Marijuana Farmer’s Markets and Meetings: Reasons to Mark Your Canna Calendar and Head to Arizona


Farmers markets have always been a popular way to obtain locally-grown products and try new products, so you can see how a growth in medical marijuana farmers markets in Arizona has been achieved.

The availability means that there are some good reasons to mark your canna calendar and set the navigation system to head to one of the growing number of markets and meetings being held this year.

Why attend a farmers market?

The various medical marijuana markets that you can attend are considered to be excellent marijuana-related events if you are on the lookout for products or want to network with patients, caregivers, dispensaries and even doctors, who share a like-minded view and want to share their experiences and suggestions with others.

Budpubs can help you find a place to smoke

You might want to take a look at the Budpubs website, which promotes responsible marijuana use and provides a list of resources to show you where and when you might be able to attend a variety of events around the globe.

One event they recently posted was the MMJ Farmers Market & event, held in Glendale, Arizona, and there are plenty more upcoming markets to attend, when you take a look at the calendar.

A growing number of events

When you start to look through the calendar of events, you soon get a sense of the growing level of interest in medical marijuana and how many growers and groups are starting the shape the cannabis industry in general.

One example of this would be Women Gro, which is committed to creating a series of programs and events as well as aiming to be the catalyst behind the movement to empower women to influence and succeed in the cannabis industry.

They scheduled an event in Scottsdale on the 2nd June, and there will no doubt be more events for the calendar in the coming months and years.

A couple of days later, on the 4th June and also in Scottsdale, A BBQ fundraiser promoted by the non-profit Grow for Vets is likely to prove popular.

There are various specialist events throughout the summer months that you can attend, along with the farmers markets.

Head to Phoenix

The Arizona Medical Cannabis Farmers Market is a regular event that takes place on the 3rd Saturday of every month, so there are plenty of opportunities to schedule a visit to Phoenix.

This farmers market has quickly become a regular feature in many people’s diaries, as it is considered to be a great place for like-minded MMJ patients to socialize. You will need a valid AZ state issued MMJ card for entry into the market and some other form of ID like your driver’s license, so be prepared.

Inside the event, you will find a large selection of different items and the entry fee is $5 if you make a non-perishable food donation at the same time, or $10 without.

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Featured Photo Credit: Timothy Norris/L.A. Weekly