Mark Your Calendars: ICBC Heads to Canada October 13-14th


Helping organize the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) has been one of the best projects of my career as it is great to see so many great advocates and industry participants in one place. It has been rewarding and humbling to get good reviews about the event and it is important for everyone involved that attendees get the information and networking opportunities that they need to improve their business and advocacy.

The ICBC has brought together old-school legends like the Guru of Ganja Ed Rosenthal and cannabis icon Tommy Chong as well as new upstarts that are making waves across the globe. The ICBC makes the trek into Vancouver, Canada, a truly amazing international city that has been on the global forefront of the cannabis legalization movement. Mark your calendars for October 13-14 and join activists and industry participants from around the world learn about the latest developments with Canada’s medical system, as well as what appears to be on the horizon for its legalization system.

Canada shook the legalization world after the election of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party, the first major party to make legalization a part of its party platform. After Liberal unexpectedly won in a landslide, cannabis law reform advocates around the world rejoiced. It hasn’t been all rainbows and smooth sailing after Trudeau came into power, but the nation is moving forward with legalizing cannabis for all adults, although bureaucratic wheels tend to turn slowly.

We’ll be covering the ICBC extensively here at Marijuana Politics, with several features highlighting this historical and important event. So stay tuned and, if you can make it, we’ll see you in Vancouver!