Marijuana and Technology Today


Most people don’t think of Marijuana and technology in the same breath.  We’re all very aware of the absolute explosion of technology and the recent boom in its popularity now that smart phones and other devices have become ubiquitous.  Marijuana likewise, has seen exponential advancements in how it is produced, processed and delivered.  It is the intersection of Marijuana and technology today that has led to the ever expanding Cannabis renaissance we are experiencing.

The Advent of Instant Everything

Being able to order food for delivery with just a few clicks of a button instead of having to pick it up yourself, having a car pick you up in minutes instead of having to flag down a cab, just about anything you can imagine is right at your fingertips these days. How has Marijuana and technology kept pace in the cannabis industry? With legalization in the works all over the country and its widespread popularity increasing with every moment, marijuana is taking advantage of the modern technological revolution as well.  Marijuana tech innovations have the potential to benefit everyone, the young and old, newbies or enthusiasts, there doesn’t seem to be a downside anywhere in sight.

The Intersection of Marijuana and Technology

One innovation that has already been around for some time is a weed “dictionary” or handbook, but with the help of phone apps and the internet it has reached the point of immediate updates and detailed information for anyone wanting to know more. The Marijuana and technology Digital versions of weed “dictionaries” and catalogues are available to help inform and teach everyone about slang terms, different strains, THC percentages and anything else that can help spark the mind. In addition, there are also apps that act like “pocket attorneys,” as they list each state’s laws in regard to marijuana, laws regarding specific situations (not always state specific) and even help with legal issues. One example is how to exercise your legal rights if police get involved.  A good example can be found at hightimes.

Other apps fall into the how-to-guide category and can range from how to grow your own plants, how to roll a joint and herb converters which match up price estimates to weights (and have gotten some seriously bad press in the process).  Some more creative examples are “McGyver-ing” your own pipe, bong or whatever your preferred new and exciting intake method. These lean towards the more general, because while they can be useful to some, they might seem old-hat to those already well-versed in the marijuana world.

In Marijuana and technology, the real winners are the dispensary and delivery services. Phone apps like WeedMaps that have a GPS-guided directory of dispensaries within range are basically the Yelp! of the weed community.  They give hours, price range, selection range and allow users to leave comments and ratings. However, one of the most impressive I’ve seen are websites like MeadowMD, which offer delivery services via various dispensaries/growers in the area to those in need through their GetMeadow section. They also have an added bonus in how they include the disabled and others in need of the benefits of medical marijuana by connecting them with a registered doctor via video to discuss different uses, treatments, and any other information that may be pertinent. Confidentiality is key and enables the customer to feel confident and comfortable speaking to a doctor with an interest in their health without the judgment or criticism of having to ask a general practitioner about their ability to prescribe medical marijuana or information about medical marijuana cards.

While some of the more old-school crowd may find Marijuana and technology today to be on the unnecessary side, the cannabis  industry is thriving with it. So even without real hover boards and time travel, technology has gotten a few things right.