How to Juice Cannabis and Why


The cannabis plant is a plant above all else. Today, many other vegetables are being juiced in an attempt to draw more nutrition out of them. People are drinking pressed vegetable juice in greater volumes than ever before. It only stands to reason that marijuana is also on that list, so let’s discuss how to juice cannabis. Doctors, patients, and even caregivers around the world are starting to study the benefits of using marijuana in a juiced form instead of as a smoked herb.

Why Should You Juice Your Weed?

According to authorities, you stand to gain a lot of benefits if you juice and drink your cannabis instead of smoking it. These are mainly due to the lack of heating when you do so. Marijuana is a vegetable in its most basic form. When you heat a vegetable, such as when you cook it, you cause it to lose a lot of its nutritional value. Since you smoke weed usually, it causes the leaves to heat up, and that leads to additional loss of healthy compounds in the leaf. Another thing to remember here is that the heating of your cannabis can cause it to release THC. This is the component in the weed that gets you high.

If you don’t heat the joint, you won’t get high! Juiced cannabis has a ton of healthy compounds and none of the highs that the traditional method of taking weed into your system. There are a ton of raw cannabinoids in the juiced version. These can actually help heal your damaged cells and improve how they work. Drinking juiced cannabis cures symptoms like inflamed parts of your body. Some consumers of cannabis juice have reported tumors that reduce in size too. How to juice cannabis is really not so difficult!

How to Juice Cannabis Properly

When it comes to your juicing process, you have to be very realistic indeed. There is no way you’re going to randomly take some marijuana, put it in the juicer, and expect it to be good to go. The weed that is sold at stores is dried, not fresh. To make the magic potion that marijuana is capable of being, you have to get the raw leaf, freshly picked from the plant. It is very important that this leaf be 100% pure without any insecticides or pesticides too. The fresher your cannabis is, the better the juice is going to be. This is the same rule that applies to vegetables too. Smoking grade cannabis is simply not good enough.

Your first port of call must be the dispensary in your state. It is quite likely that they won’t have their own raw herb though. It is highly recommended that you get your hands on seeds so that you can grow your own product when possible. This is the best way to ensure that the leaf you work with is fresh and pure. You have to grow a nice big plant before you start picking the leaves or you risk killing the plant. How to juice cannabis? Juice 15 leaves at a time and put them in a jug in the freezer. Try mixing in fruit juices to reduce the bitter taste of the raw weed.