Colorado Supreme Court Rules That Medical Marijuana Patients Can Be Fired


In a setback for medical marijuana patients and the entire cannabis community, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that employers can fire medical cannabis patients. From The Denver Post:

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday affirmed lower courts’ rulings that businesses can fire employees for the use of medical marijuana — even if it’s off-duty.

The 6-0 decision comes nine months after the state’s highest court heard oral arguments in Brandon Coats’ case against Dish Network. Coats, who had a medical marijuana card and consumed pot off-duty to control muscle spasms, was fired in 2010 after failing a random drug test.

“Therefore, employees who engage in an activity, such as medical marijuana use, that is permitted by state law but unlawful under federal law are not protected by the statute,” Justice Allison H. Eid wrote in the opinion.

While this is a setback, we must not be deterred. The cannabis community simply needs to take its fight to the Colorado Legislature, legislatures across the country and the halls of Congress to ensure full equality for the cannabis community.

Carl Wellstone is a writer, blogger and civil libertarian.