The Benefits of using a Water Pipe over Joints


Water Pipes for the health and taste

When smoking your herb, you want to ensure that you get the best possible outcome every time. You want a big hit, a smooth taste and all the flavours of your weed. The best way to ensure that all these factors are met and more is to smoke using bongs & water pipes. Believe it or not, there are so many benefits that using a bong has as opposed to using another smoking method. Bongs or a water pipe will include limited negative effects to your health and provide quick and easy operation when compared to a joint.

Firstly, stoners may favor using a bong as it delivers a much bigger hit than any other smoking method. With masses of space between the mouth piece and bowl you can pack every inch with clean, filtered smoke. Joints on the other hand deliver an often unexpected amount of hot smoke that can easily send new users into coughing fits, putting them off the herb for good!

Using a bong or water pipe is a far healthier method of smoking than the joint. This is due to the fact that as the smoke is filtered through the water, it does not reach as high a combustion level as it would of inside a joint. The effect of the smoke being forced through the water acts as both a cooler and a filter. The cooler the smoke the less scratchy and harsh it is when inhaled. As you can imagine, the smoke inside the joint is only centimeters away from a red hot ash volcano! Would you rather inhale a frosty cool breeze or a hot fiery one?

Water Pipe and Bongs

When you have smoked using your water pipe or bong a few times, you may get a yellowish tint on the inside of the tubing. This is a build-up of toxins that have stuck to the glass after every hit you have taken. The water inside the chamber can also start to turn a brownish color after a lot of smoking, you can see how this has prevented even more toxins from entering your body when you’ve taken a hit. Up to 40% of harmful toxins are prevented from entering your body thanks to the water filtration!

Bongs come in many different shapes and sizes – you can even choose from a range of different materials you want! Some examples of these include metal, glass, ceramic, plastic and even bamboo.

Joints always look like joints, but with bongs you can accessorize and mod! This could be done by purchasing a bong with a percolator for example. A percolator works by taking the smoke into a separate chamber and then dissecting the smoke hundreds of times within small glass piping, this makes your smoke smoother and tastier. Percolators can come in many different shapes and sizes. You can also customise your bong with different utensils. Some examples of these are precoolers, different bowls, diffusers and even ash catchers.

There are so many hidden bonuses that smoking using a bong or water pipe has. They are healthier, tastier, attractive and offer you a bigger hit – what more could you want? You can find these incredible smoking tools  online at shops such as with prices starting as low as $10! At Herbtools you can find all types of smoking accessories and headshop goodies. is your new media trusted non-partisan choice