5 Surprising Benefits And Uses Of Marijuana Tea

marijuana tea benefits

Most people are aware of the fact that drinking tea is good for them, but may not have considered Marijuana tea. Tea is packed with antioxidants, is low in calories, helps with hydration, and can relax the body before sleep. While most cultures use traditional tea leaves when brewing, more people today are discovering that adding psychedelics to the drink delivers their hallucinogens in a more appealing manner.

Marijuana tea is growing in popularity and it turns out that it could even be good for you. According to research conducted by Science Daily, THC has the ability to mimic the body’s natural ability to fight pain. Instead of smoking the marijuana, researchers are discovering that a healthful option of vaporizing the marijuana in tea is more beneficial.


Consider the following five surprising benefits and uses of Marijuana Tea

1. Helps with Symptoms of Nausea

Woman with Marijuana Tea
The Surprising Benefits of Marijuana Tea

Many patients who are suffering with serious illnesses experience nausea on a regular basis. The marijuana tea can help to reduce bouts of nausea that are associated with chemotherapy, or the side-effects of taking certain prescribed medications to threat those illnesses. One of the added benefits of drinking the tea is that it can help to stimulate your appetite, helping to prevent severe weight loss after having to undergo chemotherapy, which in turn can eliminate constant nausea.

2. Reducing Anxiety and Depression

When many patients are dealing with severe illnesses, the unknown about their future can spark chronic anxiety followed by bouts of severe depression. The marijuana tea has healing properties including releasing mood enhancers in the brain that can dramatically change a person’s outlook about their illness. The cannabis has been known to not only reduce those feelings of anxiety, it can increase feelings of positivity and well-being too. By drastically changing the way a person feels about themselves, they open the door to healing.

3. Combating Painful Arthritis

Painful arthritis does not only strike the elderly, many young adults experience joint pain from sports injuries, working at an office desk for countless years, or due to bone disease that runs in the family. One of the reasons physicians are prescribing the medical marijuana to patients is to combat the painful symptoms that are associated with the arthritis. While smoking marijuana has been effective at treating this disease, drinking marijuana tea allows the THC to filter through the body more easily and help reduce pain in those joints rapidly. Not only does the patient benefit from the calming effects of the tea, but they feel physically and mentally better soon after.

4. Treating Auto-Immune Diseases

One of the reasons that marijuana tea is effective at treating certain auto-immune diseases is because the powerful healing properties of the plant go right to the source and begin working faster than smoking weed. The cannabis has been effective at treating symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and even rheumatoid arthritis. As more states are adopting legislation to legalize medical marijuana, more of those patients who have been suffering with these diseases and with medications that have deadly side-effects now have alternative help.

5. Reducing Symptoms Associated with Chronic Pain

In most states where medical marijuana is legal, patients are using the cannabis to help treat the painful symptoms that are associated with chronic pain. Drinking the marijuana tea can actually serve double duty for those who have very serious diseases that have painful medical treatments. Drinking the tea allows the healing properties of the cannabis to treat painful conditions associated with AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and cancer, while it also goes to work on relieving mental anxiety that comes with living with those diseases. That mental anxiety is a result of having to wake up and go through the day in constant pain, so once the pain subsides, a person has a better outlook on their life.

One of the reasons that the marijuana tea is becoming popular is because the effects of drinking the cannabis are much milder than any other form of ingestion. This is especially pleasant for those individuals who are not looking to become high or intoxicated from the weed. Drinking tea has a calming effect on people and puts them in a positive and relaxed state of mind.

The cannabis has in fact been used to treat many illness for centuries, and in fact Queen Victoria of England even added the cannabis to her tea to fight off severe menstrual cramps. If it is good enough for the queen, it has to be good for the rest of us.

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