Month: February 2016

10-Year-Old Alexis Bortell, Medical Marijuana Refugee, Returns to Texas, Delivers Powerhouse Speech

I get the chance to meet and interview amazing people, like pot star Tommy Chong, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, quarterback Jim McMahon, billionaire Richard Branson, and the leading researchers and activists in the marijuana movement. But the interviews I find most special are those with the children battling life-threatening illnesses and […]

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

Apologies Aside, Bernie Sanders has a Better Policy than Hillary Clinton to End Mass Incarceration

Hillary Clinton’s contribution to our era of mass incarceration has garnered increased media attention after Black Lives Matter protester Ashley Williams asked Clinton for an apology during a fundraiser in South Carolina. Criminal justice reform has been a big issue between the Democratic front-runner and challenger Bernie Sanders throughout the […]