Month: October 2015

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Marijuana Legalization Now Favored in USA!

Americans now favor marijuana legalization by a healthy margin, as proven in a new Gallup Poll. This realization is now influencing the 2016 Presidential election. Candidates supporting continued criminal prohibition of cannabis now face strong headwind of American public opinion. The Gallup pollsters concluded: Americans’ support for legalizing marijuana is […]

Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s Cannabigotry and Drug War Damage

Possible Democratic presidential nominee for 2016, Joe Biden, was the principal architect of America’s horribly failed war on drugs, especially marijuana. His drug warrior, anti-marijuana zealotry in devising ever harsher governmental punishments, including prison mandatory minimums, nearly guaranteed prosecutions, and asset forfeitures exceeded even the most authoritarian Republican fanatics, with […]


Australia Moves Forward With Medical Marijuana Cultivation for Medical Trials

Medical marijuana has been gaining more acceptance across the globe as citizens and elected officials have learned about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Medical marijuana laws have been very successful across the United States as twenty-three states and the nation’s capital have legalized medicinal cannabis. Medical cannabis has been approved from […]

The Anti-Democracy Ohio Issue 2

All this week I’ve been writing about Ohio Issue 3, the constitutional amendment vote in just seventeen days to legalize marijuana. But also lurking on the ballot on November 3 is Ohio Issue 2, the so-called “Anti-monopoly amendment” added by the Ohio legislature in a transparent attempt to defeat marijuana […]