10 Unexpected Medical Uses Of Marijuana


As soon as we hear the name Marijuana, all we think about is addition and drug abuse. However, we are into a partial misconception. Marijuana, also known as Cannabis, is the most popular name for a plant that looks like a weed. Although being an illegal drug in various countries, Cannabis has various hidden secrets that you may not know.

What Is Marijuana

Marijuana also called a weed, herb, grass, etc. is a scheduled drug. This fact is not known to anybody, as this plant is intended for use as a psychoactive drug. This is that kind of drug that comes under the schedule 1 drug.
This is a discovery of medical science that this drug is used as a mood-altering drug that affects every organ of the body. This drug is derived from the Cannabis of Sativa plant which is used to treat chronic pain. It is made from the dried flower tops, leaves stems and even the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant.

This medicine has been in use as an illicit drug since hundreds of years by us.

Tests have proved that this drug can be used to treat chronic pain, but this drug cannot be easily found. This is an illicit drug. This drug is used for treating the pain released from the spinal cord, thus resulting in pain relieving.
The compound used in the making of marijuana is also used to increase appetite and induce a relaxed state of mind.

Key Highlights

  • The study on Marijuana is a complex one. The government requires several layers of approval before the researchers can study marijuana.
  • Although little is known about its medical qualities and long-term impact on treating pains or spasms, most of the states allow medical marijuana to be used.
  • Some studies have also shown a positive side of this drug in treating nausea and vomiting.
  • The making of its potency is still unknown.
  • Medical marijuana is subjected to governmental standardization.
  • You can inhale or smoke marijuana drug. You can brew it as a tea or apply it as a balm to the affected area.

Medically, marijuana is used to treat chronic muscle pain, muscle spasticity, anorexia, and nausea and sleep disturbance. I was shocked to listen to the usefulness of marijuana, which came out gradually. Many of us do not like those chronic spasms or muscle pain or maybe do not know how to deal with anxiety.

There are just a few medications on the market that are useful in treating these symptoms. But marijuana is that kind of scheduled drug that it has been a savior for all these symptoms. Some patients started to feel better after they used the drug called marijuana.

Many patients have disclosed their experiences with their doctors after using this drug. And I was stunned to listen that more and more people are coming out of the shadow and telling us about this magical drug.

People use marijuana to achieve the feeling of relaxation. I wonder if you can use this drug to change sensory perception, but it does change the sensory perception after you consume this.

Marijuana is legal only in half of the states. For rest, the government has to take several permissions before beginning the research on this support medical drug called marijuana.

10 Unexpected Medical Uses of Marijuana

10 Unexpected Medical Uses Of Marijuana

  1. It is useful in treating chronic pain and spasms.
  2. Change in perception. After you consume this drug, you might feel the surrounding colors brighter and loud. There is a vivid change in the sensory perception. You might feel slight hallucination effects.
  3. It is helpful in relaxing nausea and vomiting.
  4. It allows changes and alterations in mood swings. It can get you in a good mood instantly.
  5. It can increase heart rate and reduce psychomotor coordination.
  6. You might feel an increase in appetite after consuming this drug. For those, who do not feel hungry, doctors sometimes do prescribe medications with Marijuana as its ingredient.
  7. Never known to us, the medical usage of this drug is that relieves Asthma. Yes! Most of us only knew that marijuana is used to treat chronic pain or spasm only. This fact remained unknown that it is also beneficial in treating asthma. Medical cannabis is a form of a muscle relaxant; it has proved to aid recovery from acute asthma attacks.
  8. Studies have also found that cannabis users or those patients who are medically on marijuana have healthier levels of insulin than non-users. Thus it is a proven fact the drug helps to retain the level of insulin in the body thus protecting our body from getting diabetic.
  9. While it has not been medically proven that cannabis has properties which can cure severe problems like a tumor, its use in various countries is restricted. It can also provide relief from some of the major symptoms which are associated with cancer.
  10. It is being studied extensively for pain relief medication analogs.

The only thing which is essential to keep notice when consuming this drug is that you can get addicted to this medicine. There are many risks associated with Marijuana as well. Therefore, its dependency and addiction are a big ‘No… No!’

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