Will “Potphoria on Wall Street” Finally Free American Cannabis?

The CNBC financial network banner summed it up: “Potphoria on Wall Street.” Investable cannabis stocks, espe..

Deadline Approaches in Oregon as the Fight for Good Cannabis Laws Continues

Ask any patient or medical cannabis grower in Oregon, and they will agree – navigating the Oregon Medical Marijuan..

Canadian Marijuana Market Likely to Be Bigger Than Previously Expected

New information last week from GMP Securities, an independent investment dealer based in Toronto, is leading analysts in..



Florida Sidesteps Medicinal Marijuana Progression

By Annie Loupy If you are a medical marijuana patient in Florida, you are familiar with the long and complicated history..

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Survives but Needs Improvements

“The OMMP is dead.” “Wrong. Long live the OMMP!” If you are a member of the Oregon cannabis comm..

Oregon Cannabis Revenue Disburses $85 Million for Government Services

Schools, police, public health and safety officials and local government administrators in Oregon are all smiling big th..
woman vaping

The Past, Present and Future of Vaping Marijuana

We explore the history of cannabis and vaping to better understand the current situation and how THC vapes could function
Grape Crush Marijuana

4 Common Marijuana Myths Busted

Much of public perception about cannabis is based on misinformation. Whether it is a blatant denial of science, or just
Weed Certification in New York

Get Your NY Weed Certification Online Through NuggMD

Getting a New York Cannabis Certification Doesn’t Have to Be Hard If you think getting your New York State medical

Anthony Johnson

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Survives but Needs Improvements

“The OMMP is dead.” “Wrong. Long live the OMMP!” If you are a member of the Oregon cannabis community, you have most likely heard people say, or post on social media, that the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) is dead. While some unnecessary laws and regulations have hurt the ability […]

Russ Belville

Cayman Islands Supporting Medical Marijuana

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands – Premier Alden McLaughlin is in full support of changes to the Misuse of Drugs Act that would make the Cayman Islands the first Caribbean nation to have a functioning medical cannabis program. The rules changes published by the island government are still subject to a […]

Marijuana Politics Staff

Veteran Advocate Boone Cutler Joins Roger Stone & John Morgan At United States Cannabis Coalition

New York – The United States Cannabis Coalition is proud to announce the appointment of retired US Army Sergeant Boone Cutler to the USCC Advisory Board. A noted author, radio talk show host and veteran’s advocate, Cutler is an important activist for cannabis PTSD treatment. Cutler joins Board Member and […]

Don Fitch

Will “Potphoria on Wall Street” Finally Free American Cannabis?

The CNBC financial network banner summed it up: “Potphoria on Wall Street.” Investable cannabis stocks, especially Canada’s Tilray (symbol TLRY) and Canopy Growth Corporation (symbol CGC) are seeing wild jumps in value in a frenzy compared to 2017’s Bitcoin tumult. Such action is big news on Wall Street and in […]

Amber Iris Langston

Deadline Approaches in Oregon as the Fight for Good Cannabis Laws Continues

Ask any patient or medical cannabis grower in Oregon, and they will agree – navigating the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) is a bugaboo. Now, the governing body over OMMP, Oregon Health Authority (OHA), has notified all medical growers in the state of impending changes in compliance and reporting, including […]

Alibi Pierce

Weed-Driven Prostitution? The Colorado Springs Gazette’s Marijuana Scaremongering Continues

The Gazette is at it again. Not one to shy away from borderline libelous innuendo and flagrant cannabis scaremongering, the little paper (in both physical size and journalistic endeavor, but not circulation) from Colorado Springs can’t seem to control its pubescent-like impulse to mislead its readers when it comes to […]

Dragan Vojnovic

Andrew Sullivan’s Next Book to Discuss Cannabis and Christianity

Political-commentating powerhouse Andrew Sullivan is working on a new book on the future of Christianity in which he plans to discuss the role of cannabis in religious practice. “Cannabis and psilocybin have been really important parts of my own faith life,” he told Marijuana Politics, “People always regard these things […]

Alex Rogers

Medical Marijuana Is More Important Than Ever

With the Trump Administration’s embrace of medical marijuana, our federal government has actually made a very important step forward in its acceptance of cannabis as medicine and states’ rights to implement their own medical programs. Unfortunately, Uncle Sam isn’t as hip to recreational marijuana, making medical marijuana more important than […]

Ngaio Bealum

Dank News! This is what’s happening.

News travels fast, but stoners travel slow(ly). We here at Marijuana Politics want to make sure you are up to date on the latest weed news, so we have compiled a tasty hit of headlines just for you. Check it out: Congressman wants to end drivers license suspensions for drug […]

Marijuana Politics

The Past, Present and Future of Vaping Marijuana

We explore the history of cannabis and vaping to better understand the current situation and how THC vapes could function in the future.

Cyd Maurer

Accepting Mary Jane: Three Reasons All Women Should be Pushing for Legal Weed

Even though a majority of Americans now support the legalization of marijuana, there are still many negative misconceptions out there that hold us back from full cannabis acceptance. The momentum is shifting, but old-fashioned ideas linger in many areas of the country, and within different segments of the population. Being […]

OMBC Staff

Happy 4-20 from the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference!

It’s the time of year again for everyone’s favorite holiday – April 20th! In the last 20 years, as cannabis culture and accompanying policies have become more prevalent in mainstream societies, a new day of celebration has emerged across the planet. It’s the time now known around the world as […]

Melody Greene

Oregonian Provides a Q & A on Marijuana Legalization

There is a daily countdown in Oregon as every adult over the age of 21 will be able possess, cultivate and consume cannabis on July 1st. While marijuana has been widely available and a relatively low law enforcement priority (especially in Portland),it still just feels good to know that we no […]

Sarah Duff


UPDATE: The Oregon Health Authority has announced new rules for cannabis extract processing licenses and early sales reporting. We begged for a delay in the plant number restrictions and tracking so Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) participants can learn what they are expected to do. The new temporary OHA/OMMP rules […]

ICBC Staff

Rock and Cultural Icon Henry Rollins to Keynote the OMBC in Eugene

The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC), the longest-running cannabis industry conference in the Beaver State, will be bringing its trademark blend of business information, activism, culture and networking opportunities to Eugene on April 28th at the River Valley Inn. Musician, actor, writer, and television and radio host, Henry Rollins, will […]

William Levy

It’s Trump Folks! The Future of Trump Cannabis

A journey that began many years ago is apparently realizing significant developments: the push for marijuana reforms. Now begins the examination of the Trump Cannabis agenda in America. Throughout the campaign period, it was not only about the presidency but some other interests as well. Marijuana related issues were also […]

Allison Dumas

Legalization and one of its heroes

This past month has been a frenzy for leaders in cannabis reform in Oregon. In case you missed it, Tom Burns got fired, the medical marijuana community is at war with Oregon legislators who are trying to impose grow limits, inspections, and fees, and no one yet knows where they […]

Jerry Schoon

Platforming for a Plant in Calhoun County, Iowa

Democrats for both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton met Saturday, March 12th for the Calhoun County Convention. The result of the convention was two delegates for each presidential candidate to advance onto the state convention. The Calhoun County Democratic Convention also did a fun activity called platforming. It is where Democrats throw […]

Jeremy Daw

What A Military Psychologist Forgot to Say About Cannabis

Combat veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress are hardly doing anyone harm by choosing a less toxic, safer alternative to alcohol to help soothe the stress of readjusting to civilian life, but never mind: clinical psychologist and Iraq veteran Bret A. Moore wants our vets to continue to just say […]

Jack Rio

Warm Springs, Cold Shoulder

On December 17th, members young and old of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs reservation voted overwhelmingly to proceed with a new commercial venture in recreational cannabis. Nearly 9 out of 10 tribal members said yes. But, in what might be described fairly as a travesty, while the tribe’s business office […]

Sarah Jane Gallegos

Dispensaries Compete to Impress on First Day of Sales

Many Marijuanapolitics.com reporters enjoyed making their first legal cannabis purchase in the state of Oregon yesterday. It seems there are new dispensaries opening daily.  I visited shops in each of Portland’s communities to see how each neighborhood was bringing their own flavor to this historic day. Here are some of […]

Smantha Brooks

Do You Want To Make Money Legally In Marijuana Business? Here’s The Way

It is presently legitimate to purchase, possess, and devour pot for recreational purposes in large portions of the states. In this article, we dig deep into the business to disclose who’s getting rich from it and whether there’s an open door for different investors to get in on the action. […]

Elaina Garcia

Medical Marijuana & It’s Effects On Neurological Disorders

People suffering from different neurological issues may have a new found hope in states where the use of Medicinal or Recreational Marijuana is available. In 2014 the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) released the results of several studies performed using 4 different variations of medical marijuana. These variations consisted of: […]

Casey Houlihan

Oregon Releases Draft Rules For Oct. 1st Adult-Use Cannabis Sales

The Oregon Health Authority has released the first draft of the rules to implement Senate Bill 460’s limited retail sales of cannabis for adult-use beginning on October 1st. According to the initial draft of the rules, all existing medical marijuana dispensaries will have the option to sell limited marijuana retail […]

Ben Landman

Marijuana Legalization States Cash in the Most

In recent years, four states and the District of Columbia have legalized the sale of retail marijuana by popular vote. 25 more states permit medical marijuana or have decriminalized marijuana possession. Starting as early as 2011, polls consistently showed Americans’ support of legalizing marijuana. A number of states are likely […]

Brad Richardson

Smoke or Vape? The Benefits of Vaporizing Weed Over Smoking It

Smoke or Vape? As weed begins to become more widely spread in popularity and getting legalized in several states, the trends of vaporizing it have started to make an appearance more and more in the marijuana culture. Vaping in itself has been a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes, so it […]

Tessa Kaplan

Marijuana and Technology Today

Most people don’t think of Marijuana and technology in the same breath.  We’re all very aware of the absolute explosion of technology and the recent boom in its popularity now that smart phones and other devices have become ubiquitous.  Marijuana likewise, has seen exponential advancements in how it is produced, […]

Devin Yirka

7 Reasons Why We Need To Support Medical Marijuana

Marijuana certainly has a lot of benefits and our list will cover 7 reasons why we need to support Medical Marijuana in particular. There are already medications that contain cannabinoids, one of the chemicals found in marijuana and many more are being developed every day. However, although the US Food […]

Jamie Shaw

Legalization Playlist

This blog originally appeared on www.lift.co. You can see Jamie moderate a panel of legal experts at the upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference, October 13-14. Legalization is on the way in Canada. The government appointed task force is holding consultations from coast to coast, but one thing was missing. Epic […]

Emily Taylor

10 Unexpected Medical Uses Of Marijuana

As soon as we hear the name Marijuana, all we think about is addition and drug abuse. However, we are into a partial misconception. Marijuana, also known as Cannabis, is the most popular name for a plant that looks like a weed. Although being an illegal drug in various countries, […]

Jeremy Kwit

Medical Marijuana Production Limits: OPEC in Oregon

The joint legislative committee overseeing implementation of voter-approved marijuana legalization seems to have have found a new policy framework in the least democratic of places: OPEC. Apparently the 12 member states that comprise the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries — Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi […]

Aaron Herzberg

The California Primaries, Candidates and their Marijuana Positions

With the California Primaries just four days away, many participants and enthusiasts in the cannabis space are looking to the five remaining presidential candidates (or three, depending on your perspective) to see what are their Marijuana positions and who would be their greatest ally. It’s a difficult question to answer, […]

Evie Harrison

Effects of Medical Marijuana on Reiter’s Syndrome

Reiter’s Syndrome and Medical Marijuana Medical marijuana has proved it can help patients with a multitude of medical conditions and Reiter’s Syndrome is no different. As many as 75% of people who have Reiter’s Syndrome have tested positive for the hereditary marker HLA-B27. For this reason, many scientists believe this […]

Marisa Timko

What is the Best Temperature to Use for My Vape Pen?

Despite the advances in technology for the vaporizer market, there is still a cloud of uncertainty when it comes to the best temperature to vape your marijuana concentrates. Among the many cannabis users who vape concentrates, there seems to be a general consensus regarding the temperature range that you should […]

Andi Bixel

Inside Scoop: Top 6 Marijuana Branding Tips from Andi Bixel of Drip Ice Cream

  At Saturday’s Oregon Marijuana Business Conference in Ashland, Bixel will present on branding, marketing and packaging. Widely known as an industry leader in creative branding, she sits on the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s packaging and labeling subcommittee.   Use the OLCC pre-approval process on labeling and packaging. The OLCC […]

Redeyes Online

5 Surprising Benefits And Uses Of Marijuana Tea

Most people are aware of the fact that drinking tea is good for them, but may not have considered Marijuana tea. Tea is packed with antioxidants, is low in calories, helps with hydration, and can relax the body before sleep. While most cultures use traditional tea leaves when brewing, more […]

Javed Hashmi

How Easy Is It To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Online?

With an ever-increasing number of states decriminalizing and/or legalizing medical and recreational marijuana we are entering a new age of in the fight to normalize cannabis use. Little by little the taboo of the marijuana user—the pothead, the cannabis-fiend—is being phased out. This last statement is particularly true in California […]

Leland Berger

AUMA is the Hillary of United States Cannabis Legalization Initiatives

I had such high hopes for California when we were drafting Measure 91 in Oregon. I hoped that criminal penalties would give way to fines, and that California could improve on what we created in many significant ways. I understand that each state is different and that California is the […]

Whitney Diedrich

Marijuana Is A Schedule I Drug. Why?

Marijuana Is a Schedule I Drug. It Shouldn’t Be. According to the DEA, drugs are classified into five distinct categories or schedules depending upon the drug’s acceptable medical use its abuse or dependency potential. Schedule I drugs are classified as such because: The drug or other substance has a high […]

Hazel Floyd

Medical Marijuana Farmer’s Markets and Meetings: Reasons to Mark Your Canna Calendar and Head to Arizona

Farmers markets have always been a popular way to obtain locally-grown products and try new products, so you can see how a growth in medical marijuana farmers markets in Arizona has been achieved. The availability means that there are some good reasons to mark your canna calendar and set the […]

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NBA Open to Discussing Medical Cannabis

Could the NBA allow players to (openly) use cannabis? It
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